13 Things To Do To Improve Your Productivity

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Working ingeniously blooms brighter vibrance than being laborious.
Elative results of your projects that even make you mesmerised are like the arrow striking exactly over the core of your dream dartboard. Every eye dreams of a sight gratified with appreciation and luxury, every hand gets itself burnt to shape out the diamond outcome of its diligence.
Here are the streak alterations you need to do to get your production at the hype and your fame in the spotlight:

1. Value your time otherwise time won't value your efforts:
Complete your tasks within the allotted time period. If you are your own boss, set a timer for yourself Don't wait for the last-minute hustle to mess up your production. Your lazy behaviour towards your work would definitely burden your progress and the boat of your production would get sunk soon.

2. Chop out the distractions before they eat up your outcome:
Your TV screen may wait, but your success won't. Utilise the opportunity to its fullest keeping aside all the irrelevant distractions. Keep your phone on silent until the ping is prior to your commitment. 

3.  Dive your soul to the depth of your work along with your psyche:
Understand the need to work, the reason why you want to complete a task. Until you won't bribe yourself you won't be able to quench the requirement of completing any task with utmost productivity.

4. Focus on prior need instead of targeting the whorl:
Avoid doing numerous works at the same time. You have one body and one mind, even if it is well designed to try every tool at the same time; the perfection would elevate automatically if you recruit 100% of your skills in completing one task at the allotted time.

5. Stay calm, treating yourself good won't do any harm:
Give your body specific hours to work, when you don't feel sleepy and the conduction velocity is at its maxima. The drowsy hours can be reserved for rest. You are a human, not a machine. 24*7 working hours would accelerate your production to the hilltop, but don't forget it may lead to a crash down at zero.

6. To-do list would surely sort a lot of twists:
As we are learning since childhood, prepare a to-do list to organize your tasks well and check out every task to pack up yourself within the working hours.

7. Add up the excitement to your life before it turns monotonous:
Anything without spice seems boring and least interesting.  If you won't enjoy doing what you are doing, there is no scope for the amazing results. Focus on your work when you are working, but don't escape the rhythm to your life.

8. Stay Healthy and fit:
An unhealthy body never shelters a brilliant mind. If your mind won't get a relieving and immunized paradise to bloom in, it won't develop. Instead, it may defoliate the ability of your mind to widen its scope.

9. Motivate yourself, appreciate your deeds
Every beautiful destination asks for the crusts and troughs throughout its way. You would get stressed, frustrated, anxious and sometimes may get depressed by the failures frightening you on the path to success. Listen to motivating songs, learn from yourself, read some good books and you would get motivated.

10.  Learn to say NO, if you haven't learnt yet
As the bushes of a beautiful rose are always accompanied by the pricking thorns, along with the motivators you would surely get the criticizers and the people who guide you to astray. Say a big NO if your goals and the questions are contradictory. Your productivity matters much more than any termite eating it up.

11. Give the meetings less time
Multiple minds often lead to aggravating confusions and tremendous conflicts, take standing meetings whenever it gets too urgent.

12. Stay hydrated and have a nutritious meal 
Nutrition and hydration play a great role in improving your productivity, firstly by striking your satiety centre well and then by nurturing your brain and body with delicacy to provide perfection to whatever you do. Good food also reduces distractions by the starving centre.

13. Don't forget, you have got moves:
Exercise at specific intervals by stretching out your body, this won't let your joints get jammed or packed up with toxic chemicals.  Exercise also refreshes the mood whenever it gets on the sling to roam here and there. Also, don't forget to give 10 minutes meditation when it gets to hectic and the essentials started to fling your mind.

Working hard may burden your mind at times but prepare your mind and body to achieve your goals. Prioritize your work, schedule them in bits and pieces; taking care of your mind and body well.
Illuminating results ask for perfect shimmer, proper connections, and specific elements not a board stacked with a bump of electricity passing through it. 

Don't burden your success, let your work dwell its wings by weaving it with smartness.

- Arpita Tiwari

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