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Music therapy is an established health profession in which music is used to therapeutically cure or better ones physical, mental or emotional state. Music therapy has widely been debated about its effectiveness and longevity. While this form of therapy is definitely an outside the box manner to treat mental, emotional and physical disorders- its health benefits are evident. 

Why should you try it?
Public widely criticize this form of therapy, as they have the notion that this method is an alternative to medicine and medications. Doctors disagree, they claim while medicines and medication might cure you of the disease, it does no healing to your brain. The beauty of music therapy is that not only is it very versatile, but it also exercises the brain. Brain is no different from other organs, it needs its daily dose of exercise as well- stimulating the brain via musical means not only sharpens it but can also improve one's cardinal health.  What we can confer from this is that music is healthy for the brain. Multinational companies like the Citibank and many other corporates initiate music therapy programmes for better employee health. 

Can you afford it?
Therapies are often not very affordable by a regular. Medicines are always a cheaper alternative to therapy. Yet music therapy is one of a kind- you can find this in schools, prisons, offices et cetera. As mentioned earlier, the versatility of this form of therapy makes it easily available and accessible to the masses. Some therapeutic methods include- singing along to a song with the therapist, listening to a tune with eyes closed, humming to music and et cetera. During sessions, therapists adjust the music to suit the patients’ current situation. After tailoring the music, the doctor allows the patient to fall into the music in whole and then the healing begins. Sometimes, doctors just evaluate the patient while the music plays, other times the patient brings along music he likes and the therapist allows the patient to sing along and overall improve his mood. This is what music therapy; it is bringing together two of man’s favourite things. Music and rest.

Can music stave off Dementia? 
Frank Lacona, was a man who at 101 still played the acoustic instrument- violin. He claimed to have maintained his health and credited his longevity to the soothing effect of music to him. Music healed him consistently, keeping his brain active and sharp. Scientists and doctors for ages have claimed to fight off dementia- stay active and socially engaged. But is music challenging this notion? Dementia is a disorder that causes one major mood changes, anxiety, memory loss, loneliness, hallucinations and so much more. The scary part of this can last life long, age someone faster, and even lead to death. It's a chronic disease. The perfect cure for dementia has also not been discovered yet. But music is offering a very appealing alternative to cure dementia. Music keeps one engaged, one socially engaged, one’s brain sharp and active- and all of these are required to fight off dementia. On paper, it sounds like the perfect form of therapy to fight this chronic disease, yet as it is still very young in the field- no final judgement can be done still. 

Does it really work? 
Music therapy works miracles. The innovative nature of the therapy is unique to itself and the way good music touches people is completely exposed here to heal a patient. ‘Journal of the American Medical Association did a study which proved that children admitted to emergency departments should lesser fear and distress while listening to music than those who didn’t listen to music. ‘Music is good for the soul’, and as far as this unique method goes- good for health too. Music therapy has helped cancer patients fight off anxiety, mood and respiratory rate. The therapy has helped patients with autism. The success rate of depression getting cured by music therapy is also huge, way higher than taking depression pills. 
Overall, just like all new things and innovations- music therapy is widely laughed upon. But it has shown results and is effective. Availability and accessibility are other huge factors, why one can consider music therapy. This therapy is easily the most versatile method available out there. It should definitely be your go-to form of therapy treatment. Music now is not good for the soul, but also health. Some people choose to survive on music some live on music. So, make the conscious choice to stay healthy- emotionally, physically, mentally and musically.

- Written by Aaryan Ajjay

- Edited by Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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