An Insight Into the World of an Instagram Influencer: Ruchika Asatkar

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Note: The interview is part of our series on: 'Top Influencers' as part of a build-up to: 'Youth Leadership Conference 10.0'. You can find out more about the conference here.

What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about?

I've always been a big foodie. I've started my graduation in engineering. I and my friends always search for new places to hang out and new dishes to eat. I used to eat a variety of dishes and search for what's new in the city.  I used to take snaps of my food. Just like other pictures we clicked, I used to click food pictures as well. I've always been a social kind of person that's why I used to post stories on my personal account (ruchika.asatkar) as well. After some days when my phone's memory was full, I thought to delete all the food pictures because we don't delete our own pictures generally. So I decided to delete all the food pictures. One fine day I was browsing through Instagram and got amazed to see food presented in such an artistic way, I saw one food picture by some Delhi blogger, I checked all the posts which was posted by that Delhi blogger. I got so inspired and decided to create my own account where I can post food pictures and I can write about them, where I can describe that food. I checked some more food blogging accounts from all over India. And I got inspired a lot. 

While others were posting mostly about 5-star food, big star restaurants, and big famous restaurants, I decided to feature hidden gems of Nagpur first and when I'll get a good response I decided to feature joints all over India. I decided to post about those who don't get much much popularity, I decided to feature most of the street places on my page and that's how I decided my page's name "nagpur_chaupati" 

But due to some restrictions and issues, I changed the name to @ruchika_asatkar

And now the name of my page is "ruchika_asatkar"(which is my name) 

How would you distinguish the term blogger from an influencer?

A blogger is someone who blogs, who loves to write, who loves to interact with the audience through the pictures, articles etc. And the influencer is someone who has an influential content, and who can influence people. According to me, a blogger is also an influencer if he/she has an influential blog (which can influence people in all the good way) 

Is it financially sustainable to be an influencer today?

I would say "just start what you want and see the magic" It'll take time but then there comes a time when brands will search for you and they'll collaborate with you but only if they have good content and if they are consistent with your work. So consistency and the quality are the two most important part in any kind of job.

What do you think influences consumer behaviour?

It's the biggest platform where we can connect with people and brands, and where we can interact with everyone. Understanding the audience, analyzing them, content making according to the product is a very important factor for an influencer and for the marketing department to take a position in the market.

Your opinion on Instagram contemplating removing likes option for posts.

It's not confirmed yet. Instagram announced that they are testing this because they want our followers to focus on the photos and videos we share, not how many likes we get”. If someone is a fake influencer with fake followers, this change would definitely harm their work. However, if your work is genuine, contents are genuine then it is unlikely to make much of an impact.

What is your idea of success or your mantra in life?

The idea of success is hard work and consistency. If you're consistent with your work and doing your 100% you'll be successful one day. And there is no success without hard work.

Ruchika Asatkar

My name is Ruchika Asatkar. I'm 21 years old. I am an engineer and I have completed my graduation in BE from computer technology from PCE , but my passion, love and affection towards food makes me a food blogger. Right now I'm a full-time food blogger, traveller, fashion+beauty blogger and also a digital marketer. 

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