Student Leader Interview: Uttkarsh Guneta from Aryabhatta College (University of Delhi)

What were your roles and responsibilities in your society?
Well, in conventional terms if I have to say then my role is much like every student, who comes to college with a creative spark of his/her own, to improve oneself and the environment in which we dwell. Leading the creative writing and the fine arts society of a college is not an easy task but one with full of exposure and learning. From incorporating idea(s) of every member of the society to executing the events requires a healthy and most importantly motivating atmosphere to work in.

How does it feel like being a student and a leader simultaneously?
Sometimes it’s fun and other times it takes a toll on you, but what is important is that every-time you get to learn something about yourself. You get to meet a lot of people coming from varying backgrounds having so much to contribute with their unique ideas. It’s like a venture where you explore and learn more about yourself.

As a leader at Nibs and Brushes, how did you overcome the challenges that you faced?
It’s really important to think like a leader before acting out like one. The way you think and perceive ideas around you lay down the foundation of being a good leader. When you are leading a society it’s really important to become a democratic leader in order to listen and incorporate ideas from the maximum number of the members. I faced a number of challenges which included less participation of the majority of the members, less enthusiasm and most importantly the benefits of organizing events and participating in them which came mainly from the newly included members. Conversing with them is an imperative task to do at first, to let them know the worth their ideas would have for themselves if they work on it and execute it. Discussing work(s) of the members frequently in order to make them and their contributions feel important. 

How is your present role going to help you in achieving your career goals?
Art is something which redeems me from the worldly existence that is in and around me. I want to pursue librarianship as my career which requires some essentials including teamwork, serve people to their utmost satisfaction, and generate new ideas by involving with people to spread the ocean of knowledge a library inhibits. My college, graduation and society, all are helping me to harness my skills as a leader. 

How can we make more young students such as you take up leadership roles?
Everyone wants to be a leader nowadays. But as I said earlier it is imperative to think like a leader before acting out like one. And to think like a leader one has to believe oneself first, the ideas which one has regarding oneself. A positive outlook is also very important to consider if you are looking forward to leading any group or even your own self. Talking to people and understanding them are two crucial aspects which compel others to put their faith and trust in you. I don’t think one needs to work on anything else to lead anything.

Do you have a message for the parents to allow their kids to participate in activities besides academics?
I believe in the concept of duality. It’s really important to balance our body and soul in order to live a stable and happy life. Academics nowadays have lost its coherent values and are becoming more and more goal-oriented rather than something which a person would do for her/his own satisfaction. So, it is really important to harness your hobbies, skills and talents in order to generate one’s own worth. It’s really important for parents to understand this and support their children if they want to explore another side of themselves.

What is your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

In order to go for an internship or program, it’s important to think about how it is going to benefit us. If it is not then I do not think you should go for it. Everyone’s needs and circumstances are different and it’s important to discuss things with your parents or teachers or friends or anyone you think can guide you positively.  

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