Students All over India Protest Against the Citizenship Amendment Act


These are mouthed by the chief advisor of All Assam Students Union, Samujjal Bhattacharya. Do you see any fear in his words? Those words stream from the deep recesses of an anguished soul.

The voice of the youth is a clarion cry of hope in the era of tumultuous ruin. Their voice, fearless banners and slogans are sure to tear the vaults of injustice. The only solace to decaying India is the budding student army who can bring about peace and impart some sense to the utter nonsense that boils India today. Only educated minds can steep deep into the controversial issues and learn its seriousness and intention, not an uneducated and ignorant fool. The rising student protests regarding CAA and NRC indicates how well they are concerned of its consequences. Both acts aim to define citizenship on the grounds of religion. No doubt, it poses a threat to Muslims but it poses a bigger threat to democracy.

When students stood up against a Fascist Agenda

While Amit Shah and Narendra Modi continually affirm that they have the power to start a fire, the students all over the nation make sure to prove they have the power and fury to bring about a blast. The very recent incident of the police crackdown in Jamia Milia University caused an eruption of student protests from every corner of India storming strongly against the brutal attack. When students join hands to ensure the welfare of all its citizens, it shows the disastrous failure of the superior authorities to uphold the dictum laid down by our constitution.

Maybe you can deprive people of their rights and freedom, maybe you can chain their bodies, but not their minds and intellect which can aid in making India a better place and relieve it from the clutches of impotent leaders. Amidst all the sudden attacks and brutal fights, students have expressed their unwillingness to back down.

Students in this era are socially, economically and politically aware and alert to all the issues. This is the reason why the internet facility has been cut down in Assam fearing they would fight through the social media, shake the whole of India and provoke the angry protest of the educated ones. It is their ardent love for their country and belief in their rights that press them to risk their lives and families and come to the forefront rather than just acknowledging their presence and support by just tweeting or posting statuses in social media platforms.

Protests on CAA and NRC in Eflu, Hyderabad

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Students are not blank minds who labour like cattle nor do they resemble the unthinking and passive so-called wise politicians who nod their head in agreement to all the unjust movements in so far it never questions their bloody existence. Students are not foolish enough to obey all that the leaders say. They have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. The increasing awareness, undying fervour, enormous energy and nationalistic feelings that the students uphold irrespective of their caste, creed, race or religion unite in such a way that they hold up a mirror to the values stressing the integrity in our Constitution.

Support from the International community

Even the students of Harvard University have reached out to them and declared their support against CAA. They called it a ‘deeply regrettable act of legislation' (News Minute). When the act displays complete violation of Article 14 of our constitution, it is fitting that the upcoming generation raise their objection in strong terms provided that it is necessary for the prevention of such oppressive and unjust acts in the future. All the protests guide us to the ultimate truth – India is at the edge of a razor. And it is the students who lend a ray of hope to save our drowning nation.

When student voices made the difference

The recent history of India bears testimony to the fact that student protests take its form only for a real cause and it is anticipated to bring about a real change. The year 2015 alone has ascertained the strength of student unity.

1. #Hokkolorob protests in which the students of Jadavpur University forced their Vice-Chancellor to resign).

2. #JusticeforProsenjit, a protest following the death of an engineering student due to medical negligence.

3. EFLU Hyderabad protests, a raging battle between students and the administration following an indefinite postponement of union elections.

4. FTII agitation regarding the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the Chairman and Television Institute of India. (Youth Ki Awaaz).

These are but a few instances in which students struggled hard and fought like mighty warriors against the higher authorities. Concerning the CAA, signed into law on the 12th of December 2019, by 16th of December, the protests have dispersed like a volcano to the university campuses of Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Mumbai and Bengaluru. But one blazing question that persists is that will student protests become the catalysts to scrap the CAA?

Protests in Jamia Milia Islamia University against the CAA, New Delhi

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Long before, a German philosopher Immanuel Kant stressed the necessity of enlightenment and he enumerated the reasons and measures for the same. According to him, the leaders believe that they can silence society with honey-sweet promises. They suppress people's freedom and subjugate their strength and willingness to oppose. They are in fact privileged people driven only by selfish motives.

But the students who are exposed to knowledge and reason, fully enlightened, can see through the deception. They are not bookworms who look forward to attending university exams, reaping high scores and attaining degrees. Blind complacency and obedience are not their watchwords. They are fuelled by rage and possess unconquerable confidence in their endeavours. It would be good if the fanatics leading India equip themselves with some sense or else, they are sure to face humiliation from the youngsters. Those who are guided by ignorance and those who haven't stepped into the arena of education can never compete with strikingly intellectual graduates and postgraduates. Until and unless they these youngsters we know as students are assured of attaining cent per cent justice, they never step down or run back for the fear of their life.

If a girl has the courage to point her fingers at a cop, it shows her faith and unending courage in herself. From a swarm of bees, do you dare to kill one? Of course, no. They are tightly packed and armed with a determination that keeps them moving. The darkness which has enveloped our mother India from all the corners can be wiped off by their voices. The intense protests that the students offer at this burning period shows that the nation is not completely devoid of intellectuals and worthy warriors. Reiterating that in a democracy whether one is a working professional or a student every say matters.

- Written by Maryam Salim

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