11 Ways of Cracking Board Exams

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!!

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Exams, whether it be a class test or boards, can be one of the major causes of stress. Undoubtedly CBSE boards exams are known to be most important and many surveys have proved these exams to be beneficial for the mental health of the students. 

Sometimes due to stress, we aren’t able to learn and understand properly and at the end, we end up forgetting everything. It is very important to stay calm before the exam as well as while taking the exam. Many of you make silly mistakes while taking the exam like wasting the reading time, attempting paper in a messy way, etc. 
In this article, you will find certain tips for how to crack board exams like a pro!!

1. Go through the examination pattern 

You must thoroughly know your question paper pattern, which you can have a look in the previous year question papers, assignments and sample papers as well. Once you have an idea you can prioritize important topics and heavy marks questions.  

2. Preparation of short notes 

It should be your habit of making short notes after every topic so that if you get any doubt while understanding you can ask your teacher. Short notes must cover at least important points so that while doing last-minute revision you can easily go through your short notes. 

3. Attempt all last year papers 

You must attempt last year’s paper as the examiner tends to repeat questions. Hence, it’s a good idea to prepare an answer priorly. While practicing last year’s questions mark the repetitive questions carefully so that you practice them quite a number of times. 

4. Present your knowledge in a presentable manner

A few times you know the answer but you don’t present properly and end up getting fewer marks, so it is very important to do the right presentation and be to the point in your exam rather than filling the pages with useless points. 
For this, you must take a mock exam and get it checked by your teacher so that you know how to write well. 

5. Use flow charts and diagrams 

Whenever you find anything difficult or you are unable to learn use flow charts and diagrams. Visuals are a better way to learn and will always help to remember the difficult questions. 

6. Take regular breaks 

Always study with few intervals in between so that your brain doesn’t feel pressurized and you can learn properly. Always take a break every  45 minutes.  

7. Plan your day 

Always plan your day while starting so that you have a goal to complete, but do make small goals. Planning will help you know what you are supposed to do when rather messing up all the subjects in a go. 

You can even plan your day a night prior. The timetable would also help in this, you can also set a week’s or 3 days’ timetable according to your studies and date sheet. 

8. Make the right use of the reading time 

Many of you waste the question paper reading time in just looking here and there, but its better if you start construction or say framing the answer in your mind so that you can have a rough sketch of what are you going to write in which question

9. Set the priority

After reading the question paper you know which questions you know perfectly and which you don’t so at that moment prioritize the question and start your paper accordingly. With proper numbering attempt those questions first which you are sure of and then those which you are attempting for the sake of attempt. 

10. Choose questions wisely 

Sometimes you will be given internal choices. You have to choose between one of the questions you are sure of you to want to write. At least read the question twice before choosing one of them. Construct an imaginary answer for the questions and evaluate for which of the question you are able to write better. 

11. Time management 

Last but not the least time management is a very important element before the exam and while writing the exam. Before the exam, it’s important to prioritize time accordingly and while writing the exam you need to understand how much time you should give to each question. Do not waste your time when you don’t know the answer rather invest time in presenting the answer you know. 

These were some of the tips you must know!! At this point in time, everyone will give you a set of advice of their known, but out of all this chaos remember you are the best, you can excel in the examinations very well. 

All the very best!

Written By: Amrita Mansharamani
Edited By: Harshit Agarwal

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