"All People Should Get Equal Treatment" - Shanthi

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I’m Shanthi and I’m a doctor. I did my degree in Sharmila College of medical sciences after that I had worked in Bangalore Manipaul hospital where I got wonderful exposure then for few years worked in Joshi hospital. Also I have teaching experience as I also worked as a lecturer in RV college of Medical Sciences for couple of years where I got to interact with many young future doctors and also which helped to contribute something as a I can to the upcoming generation.

After working in Bangalore for many years, I went to Kuwait where I had worked as Family physician for 10 years and I came India and currently working as a staff nurse in Tirunelveli government hospital. During my experience in Kuwait, I got tremendous experience, got a vast amount of knowledge in the medical field, and got to know about various latest technological advancements in the field.


2. Despite so much of talent in India, why do people look abroad for treatment?

It’s a myth if you go abroad you will get cured. Surprisingly you may find Indian doctors doing better even in aboard if you visit. Treatment in aboard is extremely expensive may be rich person only can afford it but people are not aware of the treatment in our country but lack of some specialized medical equipment and care people prefer treatment in aboard.


3. How important is super specialization for doctors?

In the modern world, people are in the search of super specialized physician for they are ailments. It gives depth knowledge about diseases and treatment. As medical professionals become more specialized in their respective fields the benefits become apparent specialized healthcare providers are able to see more patients and reduce medical errors.


4. What is your take on virtual methods of providing treatment?

Virtual reality therapy is an emergent technology in which patients are navigate through digitally created environments and complete specially designed tasks often tailored to treat a specific ailment.

It is used to help stroke patients to regain muscle control and disorders like dysmorphic and autism but it has side effects like headache, eyestrain, dizziness and nausea. This could well change the landscape of future psychological treatments, potentially making treatment both more accessible and effective.


5. What do you think are the key differences in studying medical in Indian and other countries?

Studying MBBS in India is definitely both valuable and knowledgeable. MBBS degree in India is one the most praised degree globally for its quality and range of curriculum. In India students have great clinical exposure bit facilities are not good as abroad.

In aboard facilities and technologies are more but exposure to clinical side is very less. If you study abroad, also, you want to clear screening test to practice in India and except few countries in many countries cost is much more when compare to India


6. Which countries are the best for studying medical besides India?

For best, I would say USA and UK because there are so many medical colleges. However, gaining admission is very difficult .They offer a well structured MBBS program keeping in track with the latest developments in the fields of technology and medicine. There will be shorter hospital hours, more group work and interactive learning sessions.


7. Which is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is “A little book of happiness” by Ruskin bond, which is not so common not too huge and not too complex .This book makes you travel through life in a happy way and think how simple it is.

This book helps me to raise from the lows of my life and look at it in harmony it helps in my struggles and it indeed changes my perspective and definition of life.


8. What impact do you want to create in the medical field?

Government hospital standard should be raised. Government should provide good medical facilities for public. Treating methods, hygiene and equipment’s should improve. All people should get equal treatment from rich people to poor people. There should be no privatization in medical field.

Interviewed By - Sivagnana Manisa S V

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