"Learnt to Be Calm When Results Are Favorable Towards You" - Siva

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1. Tell us about your background and journey. 

I am a class 12 studying student from a middle class family. My journey as cricketer started when my dad gifted me a bat and ball which was the ignition in my life for sports. 

This was followed by several inter-school matches and finally several district level tournaments. Despite being a small journey I am very sure that it had just started in my life.

2. How did you decide to make your passion your career? Was your family supportive?

It was in class 2 I gained more interest towards sports, especially cricket. My parents too supported me when and where necessary by several means i.e., by taking me to my practice centers and gave a clear of vision of what can sports do in our life.These things started to inculcate my thought which very soon led to follow my passion i.e., cricketing . 

In fact other sports too gained interest of mine at different phases of my life but it was cricket which stood tall of all those within myself which ultimately became my carrier. 

3. Who is your favorite player and what have you learnt from him/her?

This is a very interesting question as without his appearance in this field my journey would haven’t get started. It was our Captain Cool [MS Dhoni] who inspired me right from my childhood and gave many qualities to follow it on. 

The main quality which I learnt from him is to be calm when the results are favorable towards yourself and to take on the responsibility when it comes to failures, rather blaming others.

4. What is the level of commitment and time required to make a sport a career?

Commitment decides it all when it comes to creating a carrier. If one desires to be sportsman, first of all his commitment should be very high literally .This is because the society moves in the same direction of education and getting a job and it would be very difficult to shine in sports field. 

I didn’t mean that sportsmen cannot have education qualification but the dual job that one needs to do when he wants have sports as his/her carrier. Time has no limit in deciding a sports carrier. But to be more honest, the more younger you are, the chances of getting succeeded is a little more.

5. How can we encourage more youngsters to take up sports as a full time profession?

Youngsters mostly love sports, but it was their fear factor and family situation, which most probably lead them to other path. 

So, it is a very simple job in terms of encouraging youngster to take up sports by giving several concessions, special allocations in schools and colleges for sportsperson and ensuring him of a fixed income in this field would definitely encourage them in taking sports as their carrier.

6. Which is your favorite book and why?

Sachin Tendulkar’s “Playing It My Way” is my all time favorite as it suggests us both the phases of a sportsperson i.e., the life of a normal person who dreams of becoming a sportsperson and the life of that same person which changed when he took and shined in the same desired field. This book is a sure shot mantra for a lot of upcoming sports personalities.

Interviewed By - Sivagnana Manisa S V
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