“Practice Is Pivotal to Success” - Geetanjali Sharma

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1.Tell me about you and your journey.

I am Geetanjali Sharma, a makeup artist with an experience of 6 years in the beauty industry having Instagram handle @lifeofmuabygeetanjalisharma. After enrolling at the internationally acclaimed Academy of freelance makeup, London. I excelled while being taught by the leading industry experts.

 My hardworking and professional approach has earned me an array of loyal clients. I have also been awarded for best bridal makeup artist. I believe it is very important to invest in your talent and be curious about the industry, I did this by attending lot of master class events of make-up artist. 

This industry has given me lot of exposure; I have worked with many renowned celebrities and designers. Since, then there is no looking back and it always just felt right. 

I  strongly believe and it will be my advice to all the aspiring  artist  “ Keep moving forward no matter how tough it gets , always chase your dreams , and keep learning and growing , we never stop learning !!! That is the key to everything!

2.Why did you choose this career?

I would say its sheer stroke of destiny and love for beauty made me chose this. My husband and my mother – in law have been my biggest support throughout my journey. Over a period of time, I have realized that true happiness for me is the joyous look of disbelief on my bride's face after her makeover. 

I feel blessed that I am in a profession in which I can make a women’s most important day even more special and it gives me immense joy and gratitude towards the industry.

 I am very proud and honoured to be able to use my expert knowledge and skills to enhance the beauty of each bride on their special day. It’s truly amazing what makeup can do to your confidence level and style.

3.How can one build a clientele as a makeup artist?

Stay focused specifically on the area of the industry you want to succeed in. Be nice to everyone. Be consistent and keep posting good quality content. Be prepared to work for free so that you can build connections as well as a portfolio. 

4.What are some of your top makeup tips?

Be yourself, focus on what makes you unique and most importantly, practice, practice, practice.  It all takes time but success is defined by your own personal goals. Don’t strive for perfection—it’s unattractive. People respond positively to people who are genuine, and total perfection feels like artifice.

Always prepare the skin by moisturizing, this is non- negotiable, a well hydrated and moisturized skin gives a flawless base. Always remember Less is more !
Blend !Blend ! Blend ! Blending is the Secret. 

5.What kind of opportunities one can get after becoming makeup artist?

A lot of opportunities knock your door, there is no end. It all depends on your knowledge and skills. A good makeup artist can become a makeup educator, they can become entrepreneurs by opening their own studio, they can learn the art of how product is made and learn product management. 

6.Which professional courses would you suggest for aspiring artists?

I would suggest that one should complete his or her basic studies first and then opt for a professional makeup course. Now days there are so many good academies, there are many renowned makeup artist who teach graduate beginners from basic to Advance makeup learning techniques.

Always remember, practice is pivotal to success. 

7.Your favourite book and why?

I haven’t read a lot of books, but from the few I have read my favorite is Mrs.  Funny bones by Twinkle Kapoor because its full of   interesting anecdotes and speckled with self-deprecating humor

- Geetanjali Sharma
Interview By- Anshika Sharma

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