We Write to Taste Life Twice, in the Moment and in Retrospect - Viveka Goswami

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I knew I was interested in Literature since a pretty young age, I started writing as a teenager but that was primarily to vent. As it so happened I ended up taking up Science in the 11th grade and 2 years later, successfully got into a good government college in Delhi. 

I thought I had got what I wanted but soon things went down south. I could not cope with the degree, no part of it excited me and I knew I had to leave. I didn't even have to think about what I'd switch to because it had always been in front of me...I had just chosen to look past it under societal expectations. After a year of BTech, I quit and took admission to English Hons. at DU and I've not looked back since. I hope to become a poet and writer someday and am extremely driven by the profession.

2. Who is your favourite writer and why?

My favourite writer has to be George Orwell. Everytime I'm reading his stuff, even mere essays I find myself in awe. The skill, technique, writing style is definitely something I aspire to learn. Some lines in 1984 especially got to me and I often find myself repeating them just because of how beautiful they sound

3. Where does your inspiration lie?

Everywhere. When I started looking, I realised how much of our lives have the potential to be written about/inspire. I focus on writing for people who might be suffering and can find solace in my words, other than that I find inspiration how connected everything is...makes it easier to write and draw parallels

4. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers, and ones who are insecure about their art?

Write exactly that which scares you. Being vulnerable on paper is definitely something that has made me more open. I can express myself and unload so much just by the means of a pen. Whenever I put out something that might be taboo, it gets a much larger readership and believe it or not, people are here to appreciate. Your art will shape you if you let it, so let it.

5. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities at your college. 

I absolutely enjoy taking part in my department events at college. Being from the English department, we have an English Literary Association and I often represent my batch in meetings. We have movie screenings on a bimonthly basis where we discuss critical aspects of the lesser known films and it definitely broadens my thinking to know the opinion of my professors and peers. I try to be active in these discussions and introduce my ideas to get their views on the same.

6. How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership role? 

I think creativity is the answer. For someone to engage with something, they need incentive and what better than something that catches their eye and promises entertainment. Leadership roles can be taught too, once a student realises how fun it can be to lead and create something of one's own, they are sure to get motivated

7. What have been your biggest challenges and learning from what you do? 

The biggest challenge as a beginning writer would have to be finding my own style. I often find my writing flow too basic. And being relatable is another struggle, something that knocks my socks off might do nothing for another person simply because they haven't experienced it. But my learning from this is to keep regular and write for myself more than for the world. If it speaks to me, it'll eventually begin speaking to some and from those some you gain a loyal audience who can encourage you.

- Viveka Goswami

Interviewed by- Priyanshi Arora

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