5 Really Helpful Tips For Writing To Inspire


If you are asked to tell your ten famous dialogues from your movie lists, you're sure to speak them without any fail. Also, if you're an ardent reader, you can effortlessly produce your favourite quotes from different texts you've read.

Have you ever wondered what propels these quotes or dialogues to remain etched forever in our hearts? It is nothing but the power of those words to provide us with the impetus to think, to act, or to inspire.

The majority of us are active on social media. Certainly, we all have noticed the profile pictures, pages, or statuses of our friends that are basically quotes or precise write-ups that demand our attention. Actually, who gets the credit for moving us to reflect on it? It is indeed the writer who with his/her mastery over the language and his/her wisdom, puts his/her heart out on the paper. This leads the readers to speculate and derive inspiration. Sometimes, the source of motivation is only this power of writing that instills a sense of drive in us to achieve something.

Therefore, this art of writing is the most powerful way to inspire your readers to become better of themselves every day. Besides, it also gives a sense of worthiness to the writer as well when their work is appreciated.

Following are the five tips for your writing to be an inspiration for others -

1. Choose the Subject of Your Writing Very Wisely

Evaluate if the chosen subject evokes passion in you. Only if it interests you will you be able to make an efficient output. The subject could be a spectacle that surprised you, a situation that shook your conscience or a decision that challenged your existence or a statement that questioned your ability. It could be anything. A randomly chosen topic just for the sake of scribbling something has very low chances to strike a chord with the reader.

2. Have a Stand of Your Own

Don’t stagger between two points. Have a firm stand and justify what you are talking about. Think and write about how your view differs from the rest of the world. Such words evoke inspiration and impart confidence to others.
Adopt a unique style. Following the same track of thought lands in you in the group of insignificant writers. Imagine what has not been said before. Unsaid words are powerful and evocative. Those words can help you bag the honor of an inspirational writer.

3. Open Writing

Everyone has a sea of thoughts within themselves. However, only very few have the ability to communicate it. Some people have a great power of giving it a voice through their writings. Open writing is what a genuine writer takes seriously. If writers censor their subjects thinking about how people would think of them, the main motive of the writing is lost. Because the censored content is what you ought to reveal. That might be the main thread of inspiration that can strike the readers. Only the readers would know that.
Readers are interested in knowing the ‘unknown' side of the story. Make sure you deliver it to them in the right way. If you are confident that what you are writing is true, nothing should mar you from disclosing it. The truth is always bitter. But, the bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. Write with an open heart and break all the barriers that hold you back from expressing yourself completely.

4. Know the Best Time to Write

One can write exceptionally if his/her mood is good. Know when the real you comes out. Some people uncover their true selves when they are angry or when they are sad. So, this can be a good mood that you may have been craving for. Write all that comes to your mind when you are in such a mood. Let yourself an outlet to put out the frustrations, sorrows, and complaints, or dreams that have been raving in your mind for so long.

5. Be the Reader

The writer toils day and night for the reader. It is to the reader that the writer is delivering his/her precious messages. Make sure it appears precious to them so that they would treasure it in their hearts. This builds a strong invisible bond between the writer and the reader. To create a bond, it is not necessary that you have to meet everyone in person.

Put yourselves in the shoes of the reader. Thoroughly examine your words and find out how much you have succeeded in making it impressive. You can get the help of your close friend to assess if it evokes any emotion in others. Have an empathetic approach towards writing. Also, if there is any anxiety-provoking situation in your writings, please mention a trigger warning beforehand. It is a moral ethic that we all must follow.

A writer may not be able to bring the best out of him/her in the first try. Understand that it takes constant efforts, and sometimes years of labor and unconquerable heart and patience to construct a niche in the sea of words. Everything cannot be achieved in a fortnight. Success needs time.

Written by - Maryam Salim
Edited by - Kashish Chadha

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