Food Blogging Can Definitely Become a Regular Career - Saiyyad Rahil Ali

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

So, we started food blogging and my page @foodiologylko about a year ago but we used to visit restaurants and cafès on a daily basis earlier too. Some of our friends suggested to give detailed reviews about the restaurant that I visit and since, I'm a photographer I'm capable of clicking good pictures too. 

Also, we love exploring and trying new cuisines, so food blogging is THE BEST  for us. Talking about the journey, we are really grateful to have a really good family of followers from starting. People like our content and appreciate our work and that's the best thing, according to me. 

2. Which is your favourite cuisine and dish?

My favourite cuisine is Indo-Chinese Chilli potato. I just love it and can have at any time of the day. 

3. Should food blogging be just a passion or can it become a regular career?

Food blogging can definitely become a regular career but only when you have a great number of followers and good content so that you can starting earning through your page. 

4. Which restaurants/food joints would you recommend to food lovers?

In Lucknow, there are so many restaurants which are really good and are quite reasonable. The restaurants that are my personal favourite are Bukhara House, Mughal's Dastarkhwan, Tunday kabab and Kareem's for non-veg and Urban Dhaba, Sagar Ratna and Curry leaf for veg food. 

Thickshake factory, London shakes and cafè and Milkshake factory are the places which serve really good shakes. 

5. What makes you appreciate a particular dish or a restaurant and talk about it on your blog?

We categorise a particular restaurant/cafe on several bases like the taste of food, the ambiance of the place, service provided and whether the dish that we have tried is worth the amount that we paid or not.

For any dish that needs an appreciation, is always its taste and the ingredients that are present in that dish are in the proper amount or not. 

6. Is there a dish you particularly associate yourself with?

No, there's no such dish like that to whom I can associate myself with but I really love spicy food and I would prefer anything that gives that spiciness to my palate. 

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is Harry Potter because it is everything, child's dream to live in that magical world and this book also explains that true friendship is very rare and we should always support our friends.

Interview by - Anshul

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