Hanuman Temple Razed in Pakistan

A pre-partition Hanuman Mandir in Fida Hussain Sheikh Road, district Lyari, Karachi was razed to grounds amid lockdown in Pakistan this Sunday. After this incident, Dozens of Hindu families gathered in the area amidst lockdown to report their grave anger. Karachi Police has now sealed the premises. 

Mischievous Act

A local, when asked by a reporter, said that it was a mischievous act by a builder who promised not to harm the temple but as the temple was locked due to lockdown and no was present inside, he took the temple down. 

The Assistant Commissioner of Police of Lyari district- Abdul Karim Memon who reached the site after the incident sealed the premises where a residential building was to be constructed. He has assured the concerned Hindu families to set up an inquiry for the incident.

Further, the resident who said the above words to media stated that they were denied entering the temple because of the lockdown. He said that the builder had sealed the temple for construction work and exploited this opportunity to raze the temple.

He further said that the temple is restored immediately with pride and further injustice must not be there and lamented that the builder promised before that the temple would not be touched by machines but he broke his promise.


A local activist named Mohan Lal also accused the builder of threatening him. 

The minority community Hindu families had encircled the area and raised their voice to highlight the issue. As per the reports, the builder who did this demolishing couldn’t be approached by the media.

A local of the area Mohammad Irshad Baloch reported the media that- “It was an injustice as a place of worship has been destroyed. We have been seeing it since our childhood and the temple was dated very old.” 

Adding to the reader’s knowledge, also in the last month of July, the Pakistani community was also opposed to their Government’s decision of building a Shri Krishna temple for the Hindu population living in the city of Karachi.

According to them it was against the Ummat of Muslims to use the taxes money paid by Muslims to build any other religion’s places of worship.

In one of the social experiment done by a Pakistani Youtuber which went viral on social media shows many youngsters around 30s have a negative view of a temple being built in the capital. On the other hand, many senior citizens around 50s show positive attitude towards tolerating other religions. 

China's Possible Plan

Recently, it was seen that under Turkish influence encouraged by China many Muslim youngsters living in majority in Philippines, India, and Pakistan are radicalized to Islamic ideologies. 

These are basically demanded by Chinese govt to give sufficient proofs to Christians, Jews, and Hindu communities to grow hate which will in turn support China’s anti-muslim cause. This temple razing could be the part of a similar initiative.

Many of Islamic nations of the world including Saudi Arabia and Turkey have joined hands with China on “One Belt One Road” initiative. 

These are suspected to be under secretly urging of Chinese Govt to demolish Christian places of worship to Mosques and to promote further hate to the already vulnerble Muslim population of the world. 

Written by - Sooraj Patra  

Edited by - Rudransh Khurana

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