Delhi Police Cites'Intelligence Inputs' to Claim Hindus Are 'Resentful' of Riot Investigation

In July 2020, the Indian Express published that the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime)- Praveer Ranjan addressed or wrote to senior police officers heading probe teams that the arrest of "some Hindu youth" of areas in North-East Delhi, where the Delhi Riots took place in February 2020, has led to a "degree of resentment among the Hindu community". 

Context: A Bit on the Riot -

Delhi witnessed its worst communal (Hindu-Muslim) violence in 7 decades in February 2020, with 2 and a half days of rioting that left at least 53 people dead, hundreds injured and thousands affected. 

Initially, accurate information regarding the violence was difficult to access, partly on account of the targets on the journalists by the violent mobs who were freely running around in the area. 

The reports following this gave us a clearer idea of what happened. The violence caught the attention and notice of the media on Monday, February 24, 2020, when pro and anti CAA NRC protestors clashed on a major arterial street called the Jaffrabad - Maujpur road. 

The Indian Express Report -

Here is the above-mentioned report by the Indian Express - Resentment in Hindus on arrests, take care: Special CP to probe teams

The Order and Delhi Police's Rejoinder to the News Report of Indian Express -

The order has directed senior officers who are heading probe teams to guide the investigating officer 'suitably'.

On July 15, 2020, the Delhi Police tweeted a two-page response in a reaction to the above Indian Express article. The letter said that the tone of Indian Express' article had tried to give the impression that the police were "biased". 

The response made references to professionalism, sincerity and integrity while not denying that such an order was sent. It said that it was intended to ensure or assure sensitivity. 

The Delhi Police's letter also uses several paragraphs explaining how they have attempted to ensure it remains unbiased through the course of putting an end to the February 2020 violence and ensuring peace.

The order, which is dated July 8 2020, has mentioned an intelligence input regarding the arrest of "some Hindu youth from Chand Bagh and Khajuri Khas areas of North-east Delhi". The original order also states that the members of the Hindu community have been anxious or uneasy about the arrest.

The order states that "Community representatives are alleging that these arrests are made without any evidence and are even insinuating that such arrests are being made for some personal reasons".

Moreover, the order says that the 'resentment' also has its roots in alleged police inaction towards two Muslim men who were alleged to have been associated with the violence during the North-east riots in Delhi.

"In the same area, resentment among the Hindu community is also reported for alleged police inaction, against the two who are alleged to have been involved in mobilising members of the Muslim community during the Delhi Riots and anti-CAA protests," the order added. 

It advises or directs police officers involved in the probe to conduct thorough investigations, gather evidence and not make any "arbitrary arrests". 

“Due care and precaution be taken while arresting any person. All evidences including direct and technical evidences be properly analysed and that all the arrests are backed by sufficient evidence be ensured. No arbitrary arrest should be made in any case and all evidences must be discussed with Special PPs (public prosecutors) assigned for each case. Supervisory officers ACPs/DCPs — SIT & Additional CP/Crime (Headquarters) may guide the IOs (investigating officers) suitably."

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Written by - Ivanova

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