Home: A Sense of Belonging

A common person is eager to spend the entire life to buy a home for his/her family. In this expensive era, the most ecstatic moment is when people buy a new home. Both of these aspects are paramount because they directly impact our lives.


Home plays a significant role in one’s life and many a times people say that home is equivalent to a holy place. In this contemporary era, interior designers are making huge business because they know that home shapes the lives of residents and in turn, the residents shape their home.


‘Settlements’ may perhaps have been one of the first words to  describe  habitation and rightly so, since a home is a place where we are mostly settled, more at ease than any other place in the world. This is where we form bonds of love and seek harmony and peace.

During festivals, homes are decorated so well that one can consider the place as a heaven’s heaven. In India, people respect soil where they are born, and, for them, the Diwali, Christmas and at the time of a new year, homes start to sparkle with lights and rangoli(hand painting).
It is within our home we find places that give us our identity, our comfort zones and our sense of well-being, A green corner, an altar of worship, a reading bench, the den, or a cozy nook where we can ‘Just be’. It is these spaces that reflect who we are, and it is here where we finally come back to.


Few people understand and respect the sentiments that make one’s home a 'paradise on earth’. More so today, when the world is throwing up difficult  economic questions, we know that the answers for many people lie in finding the home of their dreams.

To find that place that fills the heart with happiness, that quiets longing in the soul with peace and soothes with pleasure, our home. This is to have
found the four walls that represent our fondest dreams, express our deepest emotions and end our search for stability. This is where we all belong.


Moreover, some people also like to be in a properly organized house, so that they can feel good vibes. Nowadays people are extremely worried about the
nitty-gritty of the design of their house to ensure a nourishing experience for all the members of their family.

Depending upon the financial income of a person, those who can’t afford one, dream about having one, whereas those who own a house are willing to beautify it even at considerable cost to themselves.

In many places, people live in tiny houses but still, they are organized so well that it looks spacious. During this unprecedented COVID-19, the recession all over the world, was surely but slowly making its effect, felt to homeless people. Every one wore thinking caps to find a proper solution to pay rent and taxes.

In these time people are keeping their home as hygiene as possible to get free from the virus, every corner of the home plays an important role to make one’s life meaningful.

Nowadays, the dream of owning a house has became universal. Fortunately, people were not too afraid because they know that the tide will turn, they will negotiate tough times, and they will soon be able to buy a home which they were aspiring for. 

Home’s Role

Conversely, home also shapes us in many ways such as imprinting nostalgic moments in our memories, giving us joy and happiness in many occasions,
allowing us to experience the feelings of love and passion in our everyday lives

We allow space in our hearts to those whom we welcome in our homes. Needless to say, a home contributes significantly to the development of the personality of an individual. Most employees, while leaving their offices are eager to reach their home as soon as possible so that they can feel relaxed and be charged with happiness. 


The cordial atmosphere at home makes a person enriched and joyful. Home bring connections which last a lifetime. Although houses are made up of concrete and bricks, they comes with affinity, closeness, and fondness which foster close family ties; they can never forget the happiness and peace this brings in their lives. 

All over the world, four walls that hold our ‘circle of care’, is a piece of land that connects them to their core.

Shed of Love

Our home is but an extension of our warmth and love. They express our personalities and help us from our relationships with society. To safeguard this little piece of heaven a person can fight against laws and rules. 

It is cardinal to have a shed over one’s head to get protected. This shed plays a vital role to shape his/her life and in turn to be shaped by him/her in a significant way. Thus we do shape homes and in turn, homes do shape us.

Written by- Vinayak Mehta

Edited by - Sandhya R

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