Keep Respecting the Art Which You Have Been Gifted - Tanmay Sinha

Never take your talent for granted and never let anything distract you and trap you in something which can hamper your skills and make you a destructor rather than a creator.

1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

Hi, I'm Tanmay Sinha, from Chhatarpur (M.P). Currently in the final year of my MBA, which I’m pursuing from Greater-Noida. My writing journey started in 2014 from a Facebook Page where I was an editor and I used to write jokes & romantic tales over there & now it’s almost six-year.

In this period of time, I wrote small stories, motivational quotes, English and Hindi Romantic Poems, jokes & memes i.e., later on in late 2018 I joined Instagram and started this page with a title: “SRCASTIC_WRITER”.

The main idea behind this page was to express love for my writing & for my sarcasm in a single platform. I have a very deadly combination of Memes & Writeups and I guess that's the only thing that people love the most about me! 

There was some bad days of my life when I was broken, depressed & frustrated with my life and no one was there to listen to me so I started writing to divert myself from all this. Life is a roller coaster ride for me but to be honest I’m relishing it.

With time my Instagram followers start increasing, memes started getting virals, people started sharing my writeups in their stories. Also, my followers started sending me a screenshot whenever my posts get reposted on any big accounts.

Currently, I have plans like to perform in more open mics, realising my own podcast and videos. So let's see how the journey goes on with time!

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

I never planned it that I want to be a writer. I’m an Introvert so my shyness and timidity in expressing emotions made me a writer. and later I started taking it as ardour. So I started writing on every possible topic the focus was crystal clear to touch the reader’s hearts with my words.

I started writing on taboo topics such as Periods, Rape, fake molestation also scribbled a few romantic tales too. With time I got one Podcast on Spotify, also performed an open mic for some YouTube platforms. Let's see how it goes in the future, hoping for the best.

3. Is it a financially stable career?

Not as of yet. There is a lot of grapple in this field. People usually read your words and they appreciate it and that’s it. People will Dm you & request you to write for them but when you ask them for money or reward for your content/article they flip.

Yes, you can get earning from promotions but that too when you are famous enough to influence. That’s why we need a job for financial stability accompanying our art, craft, hobby, and passion.

PS: Good things take time so wait for your day..!

4. Who is your favourite writer and why?

I am not attached to a single writer; I adore different writers according to the genre. Some of them are Pablo Coelho, Rabinder Singh, Novoneel Chakraborty, Durjoy Dutta, and also some poets such as John Elia, Mirza Ghalib, and Yahya Bootvaala.

5. Where does your inspiration lie?

Inspiration is simple “write to express not to impress”. I just flirt with my words. and I can say that I’m a romance writer so I take romance as an inspiration and mostly I write about pure & genuine love only. Also the appreciation I get from my onlookers is the biggest reason for my inspiration.

6. What does your typical day look like?

My day starts with my mobile to check new notification and updates of my last post, comments, likes, and followers. After having breakfast I plan the day that I what I’ll write and post today. Checking my inbox to know if any query or message needs to be answered.

Later, I do internet surfing that what is in trending. I give a few hours to my study too as it is also Important. All in all, I try to keep a balance between study and my writing. So the day starts and ends up with a simple note of  “Keep going with a flow”.

7. What piece of advice would you like to give to future aspiring writers?

The advice is simple to keep your content genuine and relatable; the competition is really high so you need to stay motivated. Love and respect your art and work. Try to learn every day, work on your content, try to improve it, and never ever stop learning, try to adopt new skills to stay connected read books.

Play with your words and try to check what type of content your audience is demanding because if you make content according to their demand chances are high to get succeed.

Most importantly, never take your talent for granted and never let anything distract you and trap you in something which can hamper your skills and make you a destructor rather than a creator. Keep respecting the art which you have been gifted.

8. Which is your favourite book and why?

I used to be “bookaholic”, but now I rarely get time to read any books. Still one of my favourite book or Novel is “I too had a love story” by Ravinder Singh. It’s a love story and I’m really attached to this book.

Interview By - Shruti Kaval

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