Marketing Department Is New News Content Generator - Deepali Raikar

1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I’m Deepali Raikar, I’m a Postgraduate, completed my Post Graduation diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and have experience of almost 6 years now. I have vast experience & I don't limit my knowledge to any particular field. I enjoy social research and learning which client products appeal to specific demographics. 

My career had lots of ups and downs starting as anchor to new content writer from video editor to console handling, from Social media marketeer to Digital marketeer. Th journey so far has been a truly mesmerizing one.  Currently I have my own personal website and building my social presence on various platforms And above all I am a skilled communicator and love connecting with digital influencers online.

2. What is your opinion about press freedom in India?

Frankly speaking press freedom in India is all based on advertisement. If a news is coming from client then it get all rights to broadcast. So I could say marketing department is new news content generators.  

3. Who is your favourite journalist and why?

The only name that comes in my mind after reading the question is ARNAB GOSWAMI !! He is famous as trolls and his communication way is making buzz, and untimely he is gaining attraction. He runs a daily shop kind debate which garners maximum TRP.

There were many favorites before joining the industry. The best journalist according to me is Mr Rajat Sharma. He stays neutral and does not force his views on the audiences. He still follows the classic style where news are ‘reported’ and not ‘presented’ which makes him the best on his show ‘Aap ki Adalat’.

4. What do you think about the quality of journalism in India and how can it be improved?

According to me The journalism is going through its lowest phase with the camps being evident and which is loyal to their respective political parties. Most of the journalists have their agenda and present their story accordingly. Improving it is a personal agenda.

5. What is your message to all aspiring journalists .

A lot of young reporters appear to come into journalism thinking some gruff, wise veteran(godfather) is going to take them under their wing and teach them the tricks of the trade. Sometimes, that happens. Usually, it doesn't. And then they complain about the fact that it hasn't happened.

basically, very tight working relationships with people who are approximately at your level — is more common, and usually more valuable. So keep your eyes out for opportunities to learn from your peers, as they're often generous with their time and experience.

6. If you could interview one famous person, who would that be and why?

One famous person currently is our PM Narendra modi. It is simply because that content will be trending.

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

Shiva trilogy. Books can take you to a different world and honestly speaking ShivaTrilogy is that kind of book series. It was the first book series I ever read and now it's one of my favourite book series. A book that can't be kept down in between the pages.

The trilogy is a mix of fictional mythology, fantasy, action, thriller, drama, science and passionate love. I was imagining the characters, the cities, the wars and I never felt less excited a single moment throughout the reading. The entire series engages the reader in such a way that one cannot help but get involved with the characters. 

Deepali Raikar - Journalist , with almost 6 years of experience 

Interview by - Soniya Kauthanakar



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