Nothing Ever Becomes Real Till It Is Experienced - Chhavi Mathur and Aman Kaushik

Chhavi Mathur and Aman Kaushik

Experimenting is the key to grow and find faults in your own work, well it's just you VS you. Not giving up on our goals still remains an intact ingredient to our dish of success. 

1. Tell us about how you started the page. 

We, Chhavi Mathur and Aman Kaushik run a food blog page on Instagram called foodvoodindia. We handle content writing, public relations, and client management, data analytics, photography respectively. 

We help brands in promoting their products and increasing their target audience, also we are pretty consistent in posting static and video uploads for our audience. 

Initially, when we started blogging we had an uncertain concept of digital marketing in our minds and the only thing that helped us reach here, standing with 9k+ followers and a bunch of happy brands is that we did not stop experimenting. 

Experimenting is the key to grow and find faults in your own work, well it's just you VS you. Not giving up on our goals still remains an intact ingredient to our dish of success. 

A lot of times we were taken aback because of the stagnant response on every upload, but it was the beginning of what we have achieved and are yet to achieve. 

For anyone who wants to start food blogging or any genre of blogging, we advise you to never lookout for short cuts. All you need to do is to be consistent in your work and believe in it. 

It takes time for your audience to grow organically. Provide value to your audience, know their interest and what they would love, you will definitely learn a lot during your blogging journey. 

2. Is it easy to manage and cope up with your daily life being a blogger? 

To be able to step in blogging being a college student is pretty intriguing. Since it's not about just one click, it takes a lot more than just a click that people see online. 

To be honest we don't even remember how hot food at a restaurant tastes like since we have to click a picture keeping in mind the lighting, angle, frame, and whatnot. We do check the ambiance online before visiting so that we have a rough idea of how to start processing photography. 

Blogging does take a lot of effort but you need to be creative enough to find values in the smallest of things. Management and organizing are all you need to be effective at both your college and blogging. 

One of our biggest challenges is to understand and know the algorithm of Instagram and recognizing what our audience likes the most. The basic value you need to provide is keeping their interest first. 

We have learned that a ton of hashtags won't work unless your content is worthy and that one day you will definitely get acknowledged for your work. We as individuals have learned that hard work when fused with smart work, always pays off. 

3. How have your parents responded to the blog and does it help you in your carrier? 

Our parents have been supportive from the very first day. They had to process a bit thou when we used to tell them to not eat and let us take a picture first. We are fortunate to have their support. 

Talking about our carrier goals, I, Chhavi Mathur, wants to go into cooperate communications as I have a grip on that genre. I have been writing for my page and handling all the public relations so in a way blogging has helped me know my potential better. 

My Co-partner i.e. Aman Kaushik wants to pursue the field of digital marketing since he has his grip on understanding the market behavior, and algorithms. Blogging has helped him understand how the digital platform works to provide value and how can one benefit from it. 

4. What message do you want to give the parents who do not support blogging? 

It is very important for parents to understand and acknowledge their children for the talents they own other than academics. We would want to tell every parent out there, that passion has the zeal to go lengths. 

The only thing your child would ever want is your validation towards his talent. Academics can not be ignored, in a way the talent can not be ignored too. We would urge all the parents to communicate and recognize their children's talent, your appreciation will be the icing on the cake. 

5. How important do you think are internships? 

Learning the skill is one thing but applying it in the practical world, that is the real challenge. You may know how the theoretical world evolves but what matters is, are you doing anything to provide value in the actual fast pace world? Internships give you the recognition and add up to your skillset. 

It's both vital and rewarding. Attending the right kind of webinars and conferences will always give you more and more every time. As John Keats quote "nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced". 

Instagram ID - @foodvoodindia

Chhavi Mathur and Aman Kaushik

Chhavi Mathur and Aman Kaushik

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Interviewed By - Sandeep Virothu

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