The Path to Artificial Intelligence


There was a time when robots were considered strictly “fictional” but as time started flowing fiction became reality and today, we live in a world that works mostly on the basis of Artificial intelligence or AI.


So, What Exactly Is AI?

Artificial intelligence is a part of computer science that is concerned with replicating human intelligence in computerized machines or robotics.

Or in simpler words AI or artificial intelligence means the imitation of human intelligence in machines or robotics. Machines and robotics that have AI are designed to think like human beings and replicate their actions too.

Calculations, the list is endless. However, the actual machine is not AI, AI is the computerized system that is inside the machine. As Tim Urban explains the robot or the machine is just the shell and the computer inside is AI.

That’s not all, there are actually three types or levels of AI i:e Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super intelligence (ASI).

Currently, we are at ANI which is the lowest level of artificial Intelligence but looking at the speed of progress that we have it looks like AGI and ASI will soon be a part of our lifestyle.

Let's get into all of these levels.


1.Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

ANI is known as narrow intelligence or weak intelligence and is able to perform only a single task. This level of AI specializes in only one area and uses a relatively small amount of human intelligence. ANI is what we use today and it looks like every single day ANI does better than yesterday. In short it is getting better and better every single day.

Even though ANI does its job almost perfectly but everything that it can do is actually pre-defined or pre-programmed. That is the reason why ANI only performances a single task that it is well and truly designed to perform.

It may use human intelligence but it doesn’t actually possess it.In order to use it in daily tasks one needs to have a conscious and that’s exactly what ANI lacks.

It may confuse us as to why ANI is called weak as it performs the task it specializes in so well and can interact and interpret what we say almost perfectly but that’s where the problem lies.It can perform only one task and not all and it cannot think for itself.

ANI does not have a conscious and emotions and lacks self-awareness and hence cannot be called as the human level of intelligence. That is why it is called the ‘weak’ AI.

We are surrounded by ANI in our daily lives e.g. Siri, Alexa, facial recognition, navigation, calculation, banking, finance, diagnosis etc.

e.g. when we ask a question to Siri or Alexa,they will give us an answer but the accuracy of the answers will differ e.g. if one asks them about the weather, stock market or to perform a calculation the answers we receive will be accurate.

On the flip side if we ask them to give us a relationship advice or so we will receive vague answers or links to certain articles. That happens because it lacks consciousness to answer these questions and is programmed to perform only one tasks.

However, on a positive note ANI has really made a difference in our daily functioning. Tasks such as getting information, knowing the weather, getting the news etc. has become so much easier. As ANI can process information very quickly, our ability to do more tasks has increased and our productivity has increased as well.

ANI in industries, corporate, hospitals etc. have also made our lives very easy. In the early times where humans had to spend hours doing these task ANI does it in a few minutes.

On the contradictory basis ANI is also threatening to many employees as introduction of ANI robotics has led to many people losing their jobs. Also malfunctions AI’s can be quite dangerous if not fixed or rectified.


2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial general intelligence is when a machine can perform all general tasks that humans can do. In simpler words AGI can perform any intellectual task that humans can perform.

These machines can think for themselves i:e they will have a conscious, and will have emotions and self-awareness.

Once such machines and robots start to exist experts believe that humans and machines will coexist in the world together and having an AGI robot or machine will help them in a variety of tasks and their entire workflow will be simplified drastically.

Today machines and robots can interpret and process data and information very quickly but it isn’t easy to develop AGI because to develop AGI the human mind needs to be replicated.

We as humans can do a variety of tasks because we are able to feel things and experience emotions.

If I tell the machine to solve a math problem for me it will do it instantly but if I tell it to distinguish between a girl and boy it won't be able to do it. It happens because ANI only specializes in one area and it also lacks consciousness. That is the reason why simpers tasks become complicated for the machine.

Hence to bring AGI in the real world the human mind and its functioning needs to be replicated exactly.

Whenever that happens AGI will be able to not only perform tasks similar to humans but also will be able to think and make decisions for itself. AGI is expected to arrive by 2060.

That being said AGI will only be able to do general human tasks and not advanced human tasks.


3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

ASI is the smartest form of AI and a ASI machine will possess intelligence far greater than that of the brightest human being. ASI will be able to complete and the  tasks faster than humans and even tasks that humans are not able to perform.

ASI will make decisions on its own, feel things, have memories and emotions and most importantly it will have a conscious.

Now this is the type of AI the according to experts will lead to the destruction of the human race and scary as it sounds it could become a reality.

As the rate of development and research the scientists and techs are  in today’s time it seems like we will be in an era where robots and machines will take over human beings.


What Will It Take to Create ASI?

To create ASI developers need to upgrade the speed of the software and when the software will be upgraded it will be faster than our neurons or brain. 

Also, the size and storage needs to be increased to an extent that the computer or software will be able to store many memories in it far more than humans can remember as stated in Tim urban’s  article.


Where Are We Currently at in Terms of AI ?

As of now, we are still in the research and development stage of AGI because replicating the human mind is not easy as it sounds.It requires a lot of infrastructures and  tons of research.

So yes, it may take a while before AGI and ASI make their way into our lives. Many people are either excited or scared to their core at the thought of living with robots and the possibilities of them ending our existence.

It is certain that we will be living and interacting with robots in the near future but its consequences will be good or bad is still unknown.

Whatever the outcome maybe it is certain that AGI and possibly ASI will enter the human world with a Bang.


Written by - Lirica Machado

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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