All you need to know about Greta Thunberg

The Most influential teen according to the TIME magazine, a 16-year-old Swedish Environment Activist, Greta Thunberg goes to make history by becoming the face of a large-scale youth movement against climate Change.

The climate change movement wasn’t enough to fill the appetite of the 16-year-old, so she jumps onto the bandwagon of those in support of the farmers protests. Using a tool as influential as twitter, she goes onto express her support and stands in solidarity with the farmers Protest in India.

Background of Greta Thunberg:

(Source- NDTV)

The 16-year-old started a large-scale school strike for climate change outside the Swedish Parliament, since then she has gone global, striking chords with all those dissatisfied by government policies to control climate change.

She has been a part of conferences in Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels and London. She has been invited to summits and conference all over the world to share her thoughts. Her audacious speeches bring her intrepid and unflinching nature to the forefront.

Practicing everything she preaches, the Swedish teen leads a low-carbon, vegan life, avoiding air travel as it leaves behind a carbon footprint.   

What made Greta intervene in the Farmer’s Protest: 

After renowned singer, Rihanna, shared a news article bringing to light the condition of the famers in India, Greta took to her twitter account to highlight the crackdown of the central government against the farmers by way of the internet shutdown all over Delhi to prevent the spread of any instigative/false news.  

As per sources, Greta’s actions were driven by her Facebook account manager, Adarsh Pratap who advised her to intervene in the matter. Adarsh has received a lot of backlash from the Indian media for his action of roping in international attention to the internal matter of our country. He later went onto release a statement declining the same and quoting that the Swedish Activist normally disseminates information about climate change and her opinion on any other issues are entirely personal.

The Toolkit and its Repercussions

(Source- Times Now)

Greta, the founder of Fridays for Future (FFF) encourages students to skip school on Friday to participate in strikes for issues affecting their nation and the world.

Using the organization as a weapon, on the 4th of February, Greta released a link to a toolkit that encourages the youth to start an uprising in support of the farmers protest in India. The document, according to the Indian Government is an act of sedition and criminal conspiracy of the pro-khalistani’s against the nation.

The government has taken into custody, an Indian team member of the FFF, Disha Ravi, for allegedly having edited the document and conspiring against the government.

Along with the 22-year-old Disha, another climate activist and member of the FFF, Nikita Jacob is also in remand for being part of preparing the document allegedly used to incite violence.


In conclusion I would like to state that the responsibility of dealing with the farmers lies with the government and not with the social media activists. Celebrities and influencers jumping into support the farmers or the government, should refrain from doing so as it contributes to creating further turmoil in the nation.

The central government needs clarity to think on the 3 contentious agricultural bills, and at a time when their energy and resources should be directed at resolving the grievances of the farmers, they should not have to deal with or track those elements who try to disrupt the peace of our nation on the basis of misinformation.  


Written by- Tushna Choksey 




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