Polygraph: All About The Lie Detecting Machine


Can you guess how often a human being lies? It’s nothing to flaunt about but you’ll be shocked to know that a survey showed that people tend to tell approximately three lies in a single ten minutes conversation. Although most of these lies aren’t meant to affect anybody or anything that huge but still lies are lies.  You might think that being untruthful is a personal choice but it is nothing less than a drug, once you overcome the fear of lying it becomes an ecstasy to your escape. 

What Is A Lie Detector?

Although it's not that important to catch every lie you come across, on the other hand, some lies can make or break someone's life. For instance, a lie caught in a courtroom could be a reason to release an innocent or track the guilty. Maybe that’s the reason why people of law merely rely on someone’s statement and let the shreds of evidence rule instead.

However, having a machine capable of detecting lies will definitely be considered a boon to humankind. After all, who isn’t interested in knowing about the true colors of a person. And imagine how easier it would get for a teacher to teach the spoiled teens a lesson.

Basic Principle Behind A Lie Detector

Various studies indicate that while lying several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse respiration, and skin conductivity changes. Living a dishonest life definitely causes short-term stress and discomfort. On a long-term basis, it might also result in negative outputs including an increase in heart rate and elevation in the release of stress hormones. All these biological factors are taken into account while designing a Polygraph, also known as the lie detector machine.

This instrument basically detects all these biological changes in a human body while they are being interrogated. On the basis of the data, it suggests if the person could be lying or not. Although the machine might not seem like Einstein's work his body is very complex. And so does the mechanism of thinking. Even people around us are different, some are confident some are shy. So now you can imagine how complicated a machine to detect lies can get. Moreover, not everyone experiences the same biological changes while communicating dishonestly. 

So What Exactly Is The Efficiency Of  A Polygraph?

Now we know that Science will never be able to support a hundred percent efficiency of a Polygraph. According to a research review, field research of 1982 assessment indicates that polygraph testing was 83 to 84 percent accurate for guilty suspects whereas 76 to 81 percent accurate for innocent suspects.

Although the numbers don’t reflect a very stone-broke output until its efficiency isn’t a hundred percent all it’s good for is to get a slight idea about the truth. 

Modern Era Usage

Lying should never be an escape from the consequence of any deed. I strongly believe that lying can never stop the consequences, rather just delays them to a ceiling. Then why do some people lie?

Well because they are not prepared to face the repercussions of their actions or they are afraid that the other person won’t perceive the truth very well. You never know who’s really your loyal or who’s just playing around you to stab you because people are just so good at lying and deceiving. So it is, I believe your right to know about the truth to act accordingly.

Personal Recommendation

Polygraph might be an excellent lie detector tool but I think we all can nod on the fact that it can never be a reliable asset. While some might feel discomfort in lying and hiding the real facts but some people are just so much into lying that they won’t even shed a sweat while lying over some serious stuff too. Moreover, who knows that you aren’t actually lying but are just uncomfortable with the stressful environment you are placed in and the machine beeps and BOOOOOOOM!!!! YOU ARE A LIAR!! 


I believe that this tool is good for using as a hint for investigation but can never be a final verdict. No wonder the results of a Polygraph don’t hold much worth in the Indian Courts because of their unpredictable nature because that 15-17 percent of efficiency deficit might hang an innocent or bail a rapist. 

Written By - Khaled

Edited By - Kashish Chadha

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