Racism Is Still a Problem in the 21st Century


To enter the world of fame means every single action will be taken in consideration to the whole world and humanity. Your life either the private or the public one will always be on the tongue of people.

Therefore, any step will impact and will be impacted highly especially when it comes to humanity related subjects. So, what if the talk is about the Royal Family and the new-old rules towards the other color?

Late months of the last year, it was announced that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle had the decision to leave behind London and move over to Windsor in a wish to have more privacy and security.

Back when Meghan and Harry first stepped back from their royal duties, Queen Elizabeth gave them one year review period where they can come back into the fold if they desired.

But, it was obvious that they have officially decided to leave the castle and their affairs for good. Reasons are many behind leaving the fantasy and the elegance of the Royal Castle but a main top reason will always dominate: "Racism"

It was told by Prince Harry in an interview with Oprah Winfery that Racism is a large part of why the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex left the UK.

Back when Meghan and Harry first stepped back from their royal duties, the Queen gave a review period. Basically, they’d have one year to live their lives away from the royals, but could choose to come back into the fold if they desired.

Back in 2020

Over the Black Lives Matter, the royal's family kept on silence and did not take any movement. Duke Harry also claimed that he was warned by a friend who is close with British editors that the couple would face racist treatment.

An action has be taken by the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex where they engaged with numerous anti-racism organizations and spoke freely about the death of Georges Floyd while others who represent the monarchy never spoke up.

Add to that, an identified member expressed concerns over how dark the son Archie's skin of this couple would be. However, it is disgraceful how humanity goes so far with technology and achievements and still having this bad idea on people's skin color.

Thus, the idea that the Duke made the interview clearly and talked all about the open doors of the Royal family means that things went to the edge of patience and it is the time to put points on letters and end up the suffer.

Moreover, numerous bombshells about the entire experience in the Royal Castle were spilled by the Duke and the Duchess and more stories to come.


Stories of Ancient Racism in the Royal Family

In contrast, Prince William- Harry brother answers differently during a visit to a school in Stratford, east London when he was asked by a reporter: "Is the Royal Family a racist family, sir?" The duke replied: "We're very much not a racist family."

Then he was asked if he had a conversation with his brother since the interview with Oprah, Prince William said: "No, I haven't spoken to him yet but I will do."

Returning back to old years of the Royal family, in 1562, Queen Elizabeth I was involved in Britain's slave trade in 1500s when she approved Captain John Hawkins who captured 300 Africans and exchanged them for sugar, ginger and hides.

Then- the story of Abdul Kareem- the Indian attendant of Queen Victoria, the royal household tried many things to unsettle him during to his skin color and they succeeded after the Queen's death.

The story completes its way to our recent days however; Royal family members are ignoring all the accusations of racism since as recently as June 2020 when Queens Elizabeth II failed to respond to the accusation that the royal honors medal is "highly offensive" and resembles the killing of Floyd.


Furthermore, some members of the Royal Family have been taken responsibilities behind their own behavior towards racism issues.

For example, in 2005 when Prince Harry was 20 years old made a torrent of national and international criticism of his appearance at a fancy dress party dressed in a Nazi costume complete with swastika armband

"It was a poor choice of costume and I apologize," Harry said at the time, according to The New York Times. Later on in 2009 he issued another apology saying he was extremely sorry for using a racial slur to address his military friend.

Also, Princess Michael of Kent claimed another apology concerning the racism thing after she wore a racist brooch to have lunch with Meghan Markle.

Meanwhile, Duke of Edinburgh-Queen Elizabeth's husband who is known for his sense of humor but he often made remarks during royal engagements that landed him in hot water.

He told the President of Nigeria that he looked ready for bed when he wore a national dress when he met Prince Philip in 2003. Not only this but he compared Ethiopian art to the costume of a daughter would bring back from school art lessons back in 1965.

Racism doesn’t stop with black skin, once a British student went for a visit to China; the Duke told him that he will return back to Britain with slitty eyes if he stayed longer in China.

Some apologies came out of the Palace to the public and others were kept in charge to find the right occasion to throw the beans and this is shown with Meghan Markle.

End UP

Racism in our words it is a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities but it may also mean prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against other people because they are of a different race or ethnicity.

No one has the right to fight or lower any one according to his skin color, religion or way of living because we are all here to emit a letter of humanity to the humanity.

Written by - Rayan Issa

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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