How to Vote in 2021 Amidst COVID

Is voting in this pandemic situation difficult? Of course not! As we all know an election is to be held on April 6 during this pandemic situation. So, it is very important to safeguard ourselves.

All the COVID- 19 norms are laid down by the Health Department and will be strictly followed by election workers during polling in Tamil Nadu on April 6.

How to plan and begin to vote safely?

Voters could vote between 7 am to 6 pm. Before entering the booth wearing a mask is compulsory. The voter's information list would be in the information slip, The booth level officer would be present at the entrance with the copy list of electoral rolls.

Once the voter passes through the entrance, the temperature check would be done with a thermal scanner, and gloves are provided. Here there would be 3 officers working in different aspects.

The Verification Process:

Polling office 1 would check the voter’s id identity in this task the voter is asked to remove the mask for verification. If their name is not available on the voter list, they can show Aadhar card or Voter’s ID according to the act 49A challenge vote, they can cast their vote.

The indelible ink would be applied to the left index finger and getting signature is done by polling officer 2 and the other officer would check whether the ink is present or not.

In the polling booth:

In this step, the presiding officer would ask the voter to proceed with voting by pressing the ballot. After pressing the button, the candidate would turn it on with a beep sound.

At last, the voter can remove the gloves and dispose of them in a dustbin, and sanitize their hands regularly. If their name is not available in the voter list, they can show an Aadhaar card or Voter’s ID according to the act 49A challenge vote, they can cast their vote.

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Is there a way to vote for COVID- 19 patients?

They can also cast a vote on Election Day. But there is still no clarity on how COVID -19 positive patients would cast a vote in the polling booth and is there any data available with presiding officers.

As per the guidelines. COVID -19 patients can cast their vote during the last hour 6 pm to 7 pm, whereas they are provided with PPE kits and the electoral officials too wearing those kits. If the voter's temperature is higher than the normal temperature after checking twice, they are requested to cast the vote during the last hour.

Written By - Shreya Srinivasan 

Edited By - Daniel Deepak Charles

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