Book Review: Frankenstein by Marry Shelley

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Author - Marry Shelley

Genre- Gothic, Horror, and Science fiction.

Language- English


About the Author-

Marry Wollstonecraft Shelley known as Marry Shelley, was an English novelist wrote this gothic novel, Frankenstein. Also, Shelley promoted the works of her husband who was the romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. Marry Shelley was born in London in 1797 And died at the age of 53 in February 1851 at Chester Square, London.

She implemented the techniques of many different novelists. She used autobiographical elements in her novels. With the rising literary feminist criticism in the 1970s, Marry Shelley's Frankenstein began to get much more attention.


From the view of a feminist Frankenstein is a story about the consequences being faced when a man tries to have a baby using supernatural powers and forces, without a woman. The story is mainly concerned with the unnatural modes of reproduction.

Overall it was a very interesting read which makes the readers into a dilemma to decide what the moral of the story could be.

If you are in search of a story that is filled with hidden meanings, subplots, and historical context, Frankenstein is a great read which I would recommend to this type of reader.

Basically, the plot of the novel revolves around the fact that "playing with god" costs mankind. It tells us that what could be the consequences of these selfish acts in long term.

 Personally, I think, this book is more like a tragedy than the gothic and horror stuff and that's not something bad.

Also, this novel is a reminder of what society will look like if humans became greedier and also the consequences of cruelty, this book signifies many themes like how monsters are made by humans only and not self-born, and also how leading towards the ambition of an individual can put him into worse situations as showed in Frankenstein, ambition can be blind and also can have dangerous consequences.

If you want the synopsis of the novel, I want to tell you that Victor Frankenstein was a young scientist who used the pieces of a dead and the decayed human body and put them together, applied electrical force to it and created a living animal (monster)who looked like a human being, a little larger then a normal human. 

A creature with a terrifying face that has stitch marks all over its body. The creature was so horrible that everyone including its creator, tries to escape from his evils. A monster who was not even controlled by his creator and due to his terror his creator, Victor Frankenstein was compelled to make another female monster for him as he told Victor that he was bored and lonely so he needs someone with him. He ends up causing so much destruction in Victor's life

Also, I liked one more thing in the novel that even though Victor depicts the monster he made as a cruel and brutal demon, the book allows the readers to see incidents from the perspective of the monster itself. I liked the part of the story narrated by the monster because I felt sympathized with the loneliness he was feeling. Victor was also a very rude arrogant and selfish person who must answer for the lethal act committed by his own creation.

Major themes in Frankenstein:

  • Family
  • Dangerous knowledge
  • Horror
  • Alienation
  • Revenge
  • Lost Innocence
  • Prejudice


My Rating for the book- 4.5/5 

This book is available on Amazon for those who want to read: Frankenstein 

Written By - Ishita Sharma

Edited By - Anamika Malik

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