Misuses of Intelligence – IQ and Artificial Intelligence

Although the term IQ is widely used in popular culture, the true definition of
intelligence and how it is measured is misunderstood. Some of the most widely
used and potentially misused psychological terms are intelligence and intelligence
quotient (ICI).

An IQ is subject to change, defined differently by various authorities and measured in different ways by different instruments. In fact, many measures of intelligence or cognitive ability do not even use the term IQ as a label for their scores.

What is the Concept of IQ?

The concept of IQ in popular usage has expanded to include almost any evaluation of general or highly specific knowledge or skills in such domains as
finances, job interviews, hospitality, opera and soccer are some of the examples.

Despite the history of misuse and the continued controversies and concerns
surrounding the concept, the IQ or its modern equivalent remains firmly
entrenched in our laws, our educational system and our mental diagnostic

What is the use of IQ test?

The use of IQ tests or other cognitive assessment tools is widespread in schools,
hospitals, clinics and the private offices of psychologists. Decades of research o IQ tests and neuroscience have refined the theoretical and statistical underpinnings of these tests. 

When used ethically and properly, IQ testing can be an extremely useful tool, aiding in diagnosis and helping to plan targeted rehabilitative and remedial interventions.

How Intelligences are misused on IQ tests?

IQ tests are misused when a person is given a number or a set of a number that
supposedly define their intellect, but are not given an explanation of what the
numbers mean. They are also misused whenever IQs and other standard scores
are presented without providing confidence intervals around the obtained scores.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can often be simpler. It is a computer performing
analytical functions but at superhuman speeds. It is similar to machine learning
where computers and systems work with huge amounts of data, analyzing it,
running algorithms to find patterns and understand the data.

Artificial intelligence goes one step higher that it is a system which does not jut provide results from huge amounts of data but also has the capacity to take decisions on it.

How Artificial Intelligence can be misused?

Artificial intelligence is all about data. It is just like how data is analyzed and
understood through cyber security solutions, the same happens on the other side. Cyber criminals and hackers are increasingly using AI to launch even more
sophisticated attacks.

Cyber crimes are being done with many various forms of cyber attacks being
automated. This means thousands of attacks are launched relentlessly through AI. Cyber criminals also use AI to run their own research and find loopholes in

Cyber criminals can also use AI to scan through huge tracts of data quickly and
find Personally Identified Information (PII) which can be a major cyber security

Even for cyber security work AI cannot be given full control as that can lead to
chaos. While it can detect anomalies or deviations, these may, in some cases, be
absolutely normal. While they can be flagged, the final decision needs to be with
a human being who can also contextualized the data where human intelligence
can also be misused.

Written By - Reshma Madhini

Edited By - Vanshu Verma

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