Travel Matcha (Zeeshan) - Travellers at the Moment Are Playing a Very Important Role in Driving Tourism (Traveller and Content Creator from India)

I used to be the guy who liked taking control of the wheel. But now I am slowly turning into a guy who likes to sit back and enjoy the views. 

1. Tell us about your upbringing & journey.

My mum is from Goa and my dad is from Hyderabad. They met in Qatar and I was born and bought up right about over there. 

However, I did move to Hyderabad after my 10th as it would be easier for me to pursue engineering hereafter. But then post 12th grade I moved to the UK instead to study Civil Engineering. 

However, I have always been passionate about cooking and travel so I quit my job to travel across Europe and eventually moved to India and founded a Health Food Tech startup

2. When did you start travelling and how did you decide to start your Instagram page?

I have been travelling from a very young age all thanks to my Mom working in Qatar airways. The passion was subconsciously being built since I was in the 5th grade. I decided to start my Instagram page during the 1st lockdown in 2020. 

3. What are the best road trips have you taken across the country?

While I was in the 12th grade me and my mates in Hyderabad randomly drove down to Goa. And those have been my most cherished road trips. 

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4. What do you think made your content popular?

Nothing really, I just found a way to express myself through travel on Instagram. 

5. Which is your favourite travel destination in India and the world?

My favourite travel destination in India would be Tamil Nadu. 
And in the World, it would be the Isle of Skye 

6. Are you someone who likes to take control of the wheel or stay back whilst enjoying the scenic vistas?

I used to be the guy who liked taking control of the wheel. But now I am slowly turning into a guy who likes to sit back and enjoy the views. 

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7. How can travellers in India boost local tourism and help uplift the hospitality industry?

Content is king- this has been proven time and again. Last year there was a huge influx of Travel bloggers heading over to goa, which resulted in pretty much the entire country heading down there. 

Something similar happened this year with Ladakh, and now everybody is heading down to Ladakh. So travellers at the moment are playing a very important role in driving tourism. 

Interviewed by - Vanshika Jain

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