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Arman Menzies (Zokhuma) - To Be Able to Discover Worlds of Musical Genres and Gems, Share Them With the People (Musician, India)
Angel Obasi - Find a Lane and Dominate. It Could Be Furniture, Blinds, Art, Consultations and Organisation (Creative Director, Designer, Nigeria)
Zakwana Bagban - Always Start With One Unhealthy Habit at a Time Rather Than Flipping Your Lifestyle Completely (Dancer & Aerialist, India)
Mahan Sehgal - My Style of Being Comes From the Music I Listen to and the Music I Make Comes From the Way I Am (Musician & Producer, India)
Rachit Bir - Fitness & Diet Should Not Take Away the Life From You. In fact, It Should Add on & Enhance the Current Quality of Life (Fitness Coach, India)
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