6 Tips to Manage Teams Efficiently during COVID-19 Lockdown

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COVID-19 has forced people to stay inside their homes. So, it's different for the managers to manage their team virtually from the way they used to do in real office space.
So, as a manager some of the key points that should be kept in mind while managing the team effectively are:

1. Regular Meetings
Rather than just checking the work via call or email, one should hold regular video call meetings via Skype, zoom, or other video call apps. The main aspect of regular meetings is everyone can share about their work and clear out if anyone is facing some problems regarding their work.
2. Track Progress Reports
Tracking progress brings efficiency to the work. It also brings discipline to work life. Goals should be set which are easy to understand and can be achieved readily. Be clear with the goals and check employees' progress in terms of the goals set. 
3. Be a Support System
Don't forget about your team's emotional and social needs. They tend to be disturbed during lock down time worrying about the health of themselves as well as their family. Sometimes focus on their well being rather than work to build an emotional support system. Give incentives, by connecting through video calls in the morning over a cup of coffee. 
4. Motivate your team
Motivate them to work well, show them the positive points to work from home. Start meeting calls asking them about their health and if they are facing any challenge in completing the tasks given.
5. Alternative Plans
Start working out alternate plans with your team members. One should be clear with the working structure he or she has to follow. Don't forget to add everyone in this as there should be a clear answer of plans everyone thinks of. Employees need reassurance about the company's future and the role they play in it. 
6. Strict Deadlines
Give strict deadlines to the team where they need to complete the given tasks on time. But, be understanding too if someone is not able to do the task on the given time period due to some circumstances. As the most powerful aspect of being any leader is to be humble and show humility.
Managing your team remotely is not as much difficult as it seems. Just a plan should be there and you can be the best team in your office. Be sure about the communication and work progress laid by you. Remember moderation is the key.

Written by - Anushree Jain 
Edited by - Suchismita Sinha
6 Tips to Manage Teams Efficiently during COVID-19 Lockdown 6 Tips to Manage Teams Efficiently during COVID-19 Lockdown Reviewed by Suchismita Sinha on May 21, 2020 Rating: 5

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