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Antonio Di Matteo - I Premiered My First Play In 2016, Since Then I Did 18 Theater Plays And Over 30 Audiovisual Production, Among Them 2 Films, 2 Series (Actor, USA)
Varshawn Harris - I've Made A Lot Of Mistakes In My Life, They All Can Be Fixed If I Could Fix Them (Founder & CEO from USA)
Arianna Fox - As A Voiceover Actress, I’ve Learned The Importance Of Taking Care Of Your Voice, Voice Actor’s Voice Is A Tool, & Should Not Be Mistreated (Voice Over Artist, USA)
Laura Lambert - As Covid-19 Took Me Out Of My ‘Comfort Zone’, I Decided It Was Time To ‘Take The Plunge’ & Start My Voice Acting Business To Expand My Client Base (Voice Actor, USA)
Shenaz - They Say You Eat With Your Eyes First. Even Before You Taste It (Content Creator From India)
Bhavini Verma - All You Need Is Dedication, Support and Love for the Work You’re Doing (Blogger From India)
Kuljeet Kaur - Content Creation Is Driven by Passion but Can Turn Out to Be a Full-Time Profession if Done Strategically (Content Creator From India)
Ankini Singh - I Understand the Importance of Mindful Eating and That Has Changed My Life (Certified Yoga Instructor From India)
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