The Art of Selling - Simplified

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Close your eyes and imagine what a salesperson looks like. You will probably have the visual of a vocal person who will trick you into purchasing something. The salesperson has been considered notorious for their ability to push you into buying something that you either don't want or isn't fit for use. However, the salesperson of today needs to be viewed in a better light as they have changed. They are viewed as trusted advisors and aids in making a purchase decision. Yes, they continue to manipulate and influence you but are no longer too greedy.


Why Has There Been a Change in the Approach of Salespersons?

The market is flooded with products and advertisements, and the internet is flooded with information. The customer of today is smarter than ever. These changes in the business market and customer behavior drove the difference in the actions and approach of the salespersons. They started treating the customers with care and adopted a flexible approach in their interactions with the customer.

All of us are salespersons. We all sell different things at different times during our day. For illustration, a married man sells himself at home in front of his wife to convince her that they wouldn't be able to go for a vacation, at the office he sells his company's services to its clients, gives a sales pitch to his investors.

Why Do People Generally Not Look Forward to Sales as a Career Option?

Well, honestly, sales is tough work. You can go on giving sales pitches without actually converting a lead for a long time. Also, a salesperson has to face numerous rejections and criticism. One is involved in a lot of travel, meetings, and interactions as part of his sales work. Most people aren't ready for the amount of toil required to succeed as a salesperson.

Why Is Sales Still an Attractive Career Option?

No matter the hardships associated with sales, it is always a lucrative job. More importantly, most sales work have an incentive bonus along with fixed salaries. When the quality of work is directly linked to rewards, it generally drives people to earn more by selling more. Many people enjoy selling because they love the challenge of meeting new people and having interactions. Selling is a continuous learning process as salespersons continue to discover something new every day because of the nature of the job.

What Are the Skills Required to Succeed as a Salesperson?

No one begins as a perfectionist in the field of sales. Everyone learns by experience. Even then, skills like patience, communication skills, emotional quotient, and persuasiveness are always the key traits of a successful salesperson.

Organizations have started feeling the necessity of having good salespersons amidst the stiff competition. The field of sales has wide career prospects and high-income potential. Salespersons are now trusted advisors who have the faith of the customers. The top line depends on the mighty salespersons. It is time that you give the career path of sales a severe thought.  

Written by - Harshit Somani

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