Student Leader Interview - Ishika Mittal , IITM

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities at your college.

IITM has a very vibrant culture. Students are welcomed whole heartedly by the faculty there. At the second day of the college I was appointed as the CR. As CR, my principal responsibility is to act as a prime official channel of communication between teacher and rest of the class, for all monitoring formalities. Being a CR I was responsible for the class image.

As a CR I was expected to have a good repo with all students and have a cordial relation with them. It was mandatory for me to keep a watch on the schedule for the entire semester and discuss with teachers if any modification required. Making announcements timely was the next main thing I was responsible for. Being honest being a CR is actually fun.

2. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learning’s from what you do?

Being a CR is itself a challenging position sometimes as things don’t always go by your side. First is you can’t be judgemental and partial though I was in some of the cases of my friends while handling their issue especially attendance.

 Then it’s must you have to make good bond with everyone. you need to connect with your teacher on daily basis. So yes first challenge comes is of mass bunk. While the execution of mass bunk, if plan fails then one has to tackle

However sometimes challenges give you learning’s at the end. Being a college class representative I acquired many skills while executing my duties which basically include leadership and management. One gets to know how things are being managed.

Duty of CR has made me learn how to express my viewpoint in front of the teacher and students. Basically it helped me in gaining confidence which i think would not have been possible if i was just a ordinary student.

 3. What did you do in your current role that makes you really proud of yourself?

I can admit the fact that I feel I am privileged from many, and I am really proud of that. In the span of just one year getting abundant opportunities was no less than a proud moment. From the very first day of college, college has been favorable to me.

I was selected as the class representative. CR is not just a word but position of respect in a college. Having a good image in front of everyone is not less than any achievement. Getting some position gives you confidence and able to present yourself in front of others.

4. What is your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

 My advice to future interns would be to make the most of it. Take every opportunity to learn from your superiors and people who have worked in your industry as well as doing some sightseeing.

Doing an internship is much more hands-on than anything you might learn at your university. You actually get to experience the corporate world, rather than learn about it in the classroom, and you are presented with real responsibilities. Doing an internship will help you take your theory knowledge to practical things.

 Guys my advice to you “don’t always go for monetary perks sometimes gaining an experience is much more than some monetary value.”

Conferences give you the opportunity to talk to people one-on –one about their work and they may even give you advice how to enhance your work. You get a chance to listen from various speakers that hoe they are successful in their life.

 5. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?

Being a CR is no tough position as one must be dedicated towards his/her work. The one aspiring to be in that position must be responsive in the class. This is college just sitting and waiting for opportunities won’t get you that. You need to wake up, take part in discussion, engage in work, explore as many things as you can and of course grab as many opportunities you can. Take a stand for yourself.

No one will come and do that for you. I know that peer pressure is common in this age, but go by your own gut only. Do what your mind says, don’t go always by heart. At the end no one going to come up for you .you yourself is responsible for your own decisions.

Attend as many conferences, workshops, do as many internships as you can but just keep in mind don’t do anything just for the sake of certificate. Do things that are good to you and according to your interest .don’t go with the flow that if one of your is doing you also will do that. Take motivation from that but don’t pressurize yourself to do that.

Interviewed by - Sayantani

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