Student Leader Interview - Madhuranjan Kumar, Bengal College of Engineering and Technology

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1. Tell us more about your roles and responsibilities.

Representing a class is a function that requires a lot of responsibility, and if I talk about myself, here are my few roles and responsibilities:

To Represent the class before the College Board, Pedagogical Team, teachers and other members of the College Community.

To Collaborate with all college initiatives to establish a single line of action in relation to the rights and duties of the student body.

Be available to provide information to colleagues (absent from classes) about worked content, evaluations (tests, assignments) planned or performed.

2. How did you rise up to your position and how can a student aspiring the same, approach it?

 In my case, I was elected as Class representative by our HOD based on my punctuality and regular attendance along with good class performance. But for those who are aspiring to be class representative must remember that All the students in the class have the right to vote and to choose the position of class representative, so if anyone feel like it, he only have to present his candidacy and convince his classmates that he will be good representative.

3. What is it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life?

Nothing like juggling, however I can say that being as a class leader, I have little more work to do like collecting and distributing notes, etc.

4. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learning’s from what you do?

Well talking about the challenges, being as a representative of the class I need to represent my class in front of higher officials of the college and this is quite challenging. And I learned to tackle this challenge comfortably.

5. How do your parents look at you participating in extracurricular activities?

My parents always supports me to participate in extracurricular activities. For them extracurricular activities have equal importance that education has. So, they always stands with me in any extracurricular activities that I want to take part in.

6. What are your career goals and how is what you are doing going to help you with that?

 I want to be a software developer and currently, I am learning languages like C and Python. Also, I am pursuing online courses in the related fields on platforms like LinkedIn, Coursera, etc.

These languages are the basic building blocks of any software and courses I am taking on LinkedIn and Coursera are provided by software companies like Microsoft and oracle. So, these are going to help me a lot to became a software developer in future.

7. How can we encourage more young students as you to take-up leadership roles?

 Almost every youth are capable of being leaders at some point and place in their lives. This does not mean that everyone will assume a leadership position, but rather that the possibility is there. For this reason, it makes sense to assume that all people need to develop leadership skills, as well as self-confidence and the ability to use them when the moment arises.

8. What’s your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences? What’s your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

 Well By doing an internship we can not only get paid but also gains experience that helps us in getting jobs at reputated companies and by attending conferences we come to know about the ideas of tackling various problems of our life that comes between our success. 

Interviewed by - Sayantani

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