Student Leader Interview - Parul Yadav from Gargi College

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1. Tell us more about WeBelieve India and your journey. 

Women Everywhere Believe, India is a community organization under the flagship of We Believe Inc. The community organization is started and led by a GEN Z community activist, leader and public relation specialist named Parul Yadav (20, she/her) from Gargi College, Delhi University (India). As per India’s sex ratio, the declining number of women in the actual policies workforce and all matters is often considered to be dangerous for women, gender equality and all the ways in which it does and doesn’t manifest itself.

For me, like many aspiring young leaders my passion to better my community started when I heard and scummed to countless arguments discouraging cautionary the young women tales. India is a country with a disproportionately large young population which naturally presents both advantages and disadvantages. These issues are predicted to widen the existing gap for girls, especially in developing countries, to continue finding meaningful passions and a goal!

Currently the executive board of We Believe India consists of 7 highly dedicated and passionate women from all around India. We also have 30+ really motivated community members who are virtually working on behalf of WEBelieve and will actively be participating in our upcoming campaigns. Despite having to postpone all our offline workshops due to COVID-19, we are all set to empower and create a better future powered by our online setting. Our national team is all set to bring in digital campaigns, facilitating meetings/collaborations with other organizations via online communication.

2.How did you come up with this idea and go about executing it? 

I have always been passionate about learning, indicating and establishing that there is strong evidence that as more women invest themselves into global arenas, there is a corollary increase in policy making that emphasizes quality of life and reflects the priorities of families, women, and ethnic and racial minorities.

Women Everywhere Believe's national leadership pipeline's goal is to cultivate an environment of hardworking women who want to contribute to the lives of young girls through mentorship. In addition to this WEBelieve strives to provide those hard working women resources for their own career goals. 

3. What has been your biggest challenge that you faced and how did you overcome.

It has been to ‘Learn to unlearn, learn to accept the things which seem weird to you but comes easy and naturally to others, acceptance and respecting other’s way of living is the first step to be a wise person. You may have extremely opposite views with respect to the person in front of you, but understand and accept that everybody is brought up differently and you have to be compassionate when it comes to breaking the structural norms or social conditionings one has. After all, they did not choose to be brought up a certain way and if you wish to create a change or bring a change, you do not have to be a rebel. 

You should always have a blend of rebellion and compassion within you, both of these qualities are interdependent and co-exist together, but when they are used alone, nothing fruitful comes out of it’

4. What do you think are the most important qualities of a successful entrepreneur/philanthrope? 

Being strong–minded & confident about yourself. “When you’re strong minded, you’re empowered, possess a healthy self image and take responsibility for your life. The entrepreneurial spirit, by its very nature, requires us to consider possibilities that most aren’t brave enough to”.

Resilience and passion comes a long way! A lot of us spend their lives thinking that there is one specific career path. Society tries to tell you that once you have picked a career there is no changing that but that trust me that isn't true! I believe that by taking up new roles, you can find that happiness which makes you get out of bed in the morning and feel excited and energetic for the day. 

5. What are your tips for first time and aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Start focusing on your definitive interests and development and be more resilient. Trust me, things will automatically fall in place. What went particularly well? What didn't? Think about some of the challenges you encountered and how you can overcome them next week, a new beginning.

With awareness and deeper understanding, we will continue to grow and develop in our personal and professional lives. Secondly, reach out to your idols, take inspiration and start the building process to commit yourself to constant learning, and personal and professional growth.

6. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities at your college. 

I had been elected as the Vice President of The Literary Society, Gargi College for the session 2019-2020. I had also been a member of the NSS as well as Eco Club in my two consecutive college years. My role as the Vice President was all about managing and implementing our workshops, competitions, Annual Litfest etc.

During the transitioning process, I also recognised that by creating a truly flexible peer working culture, one can foster a culture of collaboration, professional and personal support, and mentoring. It was a great learning experience along with some selected group of juniors as well as seniors. 

7. How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take up leadership roles? 

People love to glorify the idea of being an entrepreneur. There are pros and cons to it, just like every other experience. And I find that that’s the key—realizing that is an experience, whether you succeed or not. The beginning barely has any pros and I am still waiting to see when this beginning phase will be over. But I have learned to make sure I remain motivated, disciplined and hopeful if I want to get to the next level.

In a digital age, the Z generation is often called ‘digital natives’ in recognition of our fluency in and love for technology. We are enveloped with instant-messaging, photo sharing, texting, social networking, video-streaming, and extensive use of all things mobile.

To become leaders, we need to apply technology effectively. We must enhance our knowledge, redefine our values, and build agile skills to thrive both offline and online. In order to be literate in today’s media-rich environment, students should embrace digital literacy at a young age to set their own personal success.

8. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

Discover your calling – even if it takes a lifetime – and then devote your lifetime to it wholeheartedly. It will take work, patience, determination, even sacrifice, but you will be enriched a hundred times over. Embrace adversity, do not resist pain, treat challenges as opportunities for growth. 

Your ultimate happiness lies just outside of your comfort zone. Ambition and goals are great and crucial for a better future but don’t let them consume you. Remember to find a balance between living in the moment and working towards securing your future. Every age has something magical to offer. Don’t miss that magic by working nonstop. Make short term and long terms plans for yourself, but don’t get emotionally tied up. Always be nimble. We are in control of our actions, but not in control of life itself.

Only be in a competition with yourself- not others. Comparison is the thief of joy. There will always be someone prettier than you or smarter than you, but there will never be another you. Treat her well. And only try to outdo yourself- not anyone else.

- Parul Yadav

Interviewed by- Priyanshi Arora

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