“Each Hustle Is a Step Closer to Your Dream” – Simran Jat

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1.Tell us more about your background and journey.

As A kid i was always fond of dancing,I danced for the first time when I was 11 months old in my aunts wedding too young to be believed to be dancing but I was an enthusiastic kid. I was naive back then and didn’t really know what the world is bringing my way. 

But my passion for dance was always considered a hobby for me and my family . I never recognised my true love and passion for dance until I was 15.It took a long time for me to really understand and to accept the thought that this is what I want to do and this is what makes me feel amazing . 

That one decision changed everything for me. Its rightly said that people judge you when you say you are a dancer or you want to pursue it as a career. The teen in me didn’t know that the world is full of opinions and these opinions are all set to bring you down . 

The question of how much I will earn being a dancer was often raised , They also said that dancers do not have a career it is just for the fools.

There were too many things to accept and disapprove of , too many notions to be proved wrong but how do you do so was the huddle . I was determined and wanted to do what I love the most , I started training and gave my all to stand out , Yes Criticisms came my way especially when you are healthy and a dancer there are many things you often hear.

But my love for my art was beyond the world could imagine and I never stopped . If you ask me how was your journey I would say a learning experience each step of my way. 

2. When did you first decide you wanted to pursue Dance and how did you start?

I always loved dancing however I decided to take it a step ahead by training myself a little more professionally. I did a couple of classes, watched tons and tons of dance videos tried to move and groove like them. Kept nurturing my art and form as the days passed by and tried to bring out a better version of myself.

I trained at various dance studios with various artists and with time and effort discovered a whole new style to my dancing. I self trained myself alot post classes and tried to feel the music a little more and understand what best suits me and my body and what I feel more.

I personally believe that classes can teach you how to dance but what you like to dance and what you best feel as a dancer is something you need to individually explore. I never got the right guidance into the form I should pursue, I randomly learnt at classes and tried to explore what I love the most .

I started teaching classes when I was 16 and honestly I didn’t know where this journey is going to take me but all i knew was everything felt right . I believe when you want to be a dancer you just need to start, the road is risky and built with many hurdles but it is the case in anything you choose however the societal pressure as a artist is very high but its never too late. 

3. Who is your favourite Dancer and why?

I am a huge fan of an international dancer  called Sienna Lalau based in LA . She is a 19 year old young artist who choreographs stage shows for the biggest singers in hollywood. She dances like a beast and has so much control and groove to her choreography. 

I can smile by just looking at her dance , Everytime I watch her dance it reminds me of why I chose to be a dancer and where it all began.I dance because it makes me happy and i always wanted people to feel happy and get positive vibes watching me dance and she reminds me of it with every video of hers. 

Her achievements make me believe in being a choreographer all over again and makes me believe in the fact that Talent still stands strong in the hustling world today. 

4. Can you throw some light on opportunities one gets as a Dancer?

Because of digitalisation today a lot of dancers have made careers as influencers. Gone are those days when dance was just known for industry dancing today we have dance reality shows , we have applications like YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok that have brought about great talents to lime light and have given a new face to talents and hobbies.

As a dancer today you can show your talent on any digital platform and get appreciated for your work . A lot of opportunities as a choreographer as an influencer come your way digitally . 

5. Is format training required or can one train themselves purely on the basis of talent?

I wont say training is not important, training is very important as a dancer however the road you choose to train yourself isn’t important. One can be trained at the best institutes of dance but training is not about what you learn in a class and the amount of knowledge one has as a dancer it’s about what one does of that knowledge.

I may know how to dance , I may know the names of every step I do however this knowledge needs to be put to play. However you train wherever you train , I believe self training is a must . You need to self train yourself. 

You can learn a choreography in class but the execution to that choreography comes when you rehearse and execute it the way you feel it best.One must always keep training, it doesn’t mean spend money in classes it means keep your eyes open for observation and ears open for musicality at all times whether in a class or when you are learning online.

I know so many self trained dancers who are at the peak of their careers after self training. So its not about what equipment you use to train but it is about what you do while and after you train that is what makes you a better dancer. 

6. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring artists?

I would say if you choose to be a dancer the road is tough , and it gets tougher because the world is competitive and at times people disapprove of the choice . But its okay to feel alone in this journey. You will always be a winner till you keep trying the day you plan to give up is when you loose.

 Always remember that every step you take is always a step closer to your dream . You may feel things aren’t going your way , you may make wrong decisions , you may lose hope but keep going. 

The road is long, the destination is far but just keep at it and one day when you don’t expect it at-all is when it will all change. Always remember the day you get lazy there is someone else out there working harder than you and chasing a similar dream . So keep hustling and you’ll make it big 

7. Which is your favourite book and why?

Honestly I have never been a book person . I do not read books , I was never a child who loved reading however I can watch movies all day long. I had to read all the series of Harry Potter in college, but I never read it beyond 4 pages.

To pass my Literature exam I watched all parts of the movies instead all day long. Maybe I never found the right book to start reading or the one that could keep me engaged. I always have found movies more engaging.

I could watch films on various platforms all day long with no restriction to language. I would watch a Marathi film with the same enthusiasm I would watch a Hollywood film there is nothing I dislike about cinema. However I hope to find my first book that has me hooked on more than 4 pages. 

- Simran Jat

Interview By - Rupali Rawat

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