Are You Obsessed With the Perfect Image?


Say, for example, you have finally made the big decision of buying a new mobile phone after having completed your schooling. You had been fighting with your parents to get you a mobile phone for so long and proclaiming how lucky your friends are because they own one. You cannot contain the idea that while individuals of the same age enjoy certain privileges, you are prevented from getting it.

When you finally reach the steps of the mobile shop, what do you whisper into your parents’ ears? Anyways, you are going to buy a phone after too many hues and cries. So it should be something that is of high value. Had it been a couple of years before, you would have asked for an iPhone. Even though many other brands are rising to power today, there are still many who stick to iPhones. Things are very much the same even today. This is not because they view other brands as inferior, but because owning an iPhone is way easier to show pomp and glory and to boast about it in front of your colleagues.

This is a kind of ‘image-making’.  

Now let us move to the predominant way of perfecting images. That is, perfecting images in a single click. 

Images in a Portrait

There is a get-together party coming. You are meeting your classmates after a long time. You get your phones charged and come equipped with cameras and selfie sticks and maybe some other equipment that I know not for capturing images. 

You may pass the initial moments with shake hands and hugs and silly chitchats. What follows next is the unending struggle to create pictures. These days selfies are more preferred. We need to post pictures on social media platforms and update statuses. Sometimes, we irritate our friend by enquiring a billion times whether a picture is good enough to post or not. 

Once our image is online, we begin the hunt for likes, reactions, and comments. Although we may not directly plea people to react to our posts, we do it indirectly. A compelling caption does this job. How much time do we spend to come up with captions?

We need our images to be perfect, but only in frozen images. This is the sad truth. We capture the image of food items from various angles. We take a snap before enjoying it while enjoying it and finally the emptied plates too. Have we really bothered the taste of the food? We enjoyed capturing its look but not flavor. 

The Decaying Awareness of Reality

We are all glued to the virtual world and all geared up to imitate the lifestyle and manners that it throws to us. As a result, we all fail to live our life. Fabricated looks and pretense are what drives us today. There is no reality or truth rather competition to show off to the world that we have a perfect image. 

Communication recedes to the backstage and cooked up smiles and stylish poses gain prominence. In a way, we lose our ability to use the power of our voice and rely on our mobile phones and galleries to rummage the events of our life. Read more of it here.

Live Your  Life

Taking selfies is good, sharing it with your friends is good, but everything has limits. Once you forget the limits, then you become an automated machine that is created for the purpose of just publicizing your cobbled up image for people to comment upon.

Enjoy the beauty of the world and relationships. Your life shouldn't be tied up to the fragile strings of the virtual world. Strive to achieve a perfect image in the real world and see how serenity and love knock your door. 

Written by - Maryam Salim

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