Remdesivir: Where to Find it in Delhi?


Coronavirus is at its peak in India right now. The 2nd wave of coronavirus is proven to be more deadly than the first as it is a mutant of 2-3 variants. People are facing different types of symptoms this time. Earlier it was limited to fever, cough, cold, and loss of smell and taste. But this time they are experiencing problems in breathing as well as lung problems too. 

In this pandemic, there is a kind of shortage and confusion of availability of Oxygen cylinder and life-saving drug Remdesivir. Everyone is facing problems while searching for that drug. So, the Chief Minister of Delhi Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has released a list of places where that medicine is available. 

There are 30 names of places on that list. And those places are guarded by Delhi Police as well. Let me tell you Remdesivir medicine has been proven effective in saving the lives of people suffering from Covid.

Recently, the director of AIIMS Dr, Randeep Guleria told me that Remdesivir isn’t a magical dose that will suddenly decrease the death of patients suffering from Covid. It should only be given to those who are hospitalized and having low oxygen as well as infection in the lungs. 

And the government has reduced the price of Remdesivir by 50% which gave a big relief to people. It is being said that the price has been cut by Rs 2000 and now it would be available at Rs 1225.

There are more than 24000 new cases on Thursday and 395 deaths which is the highest in a day till now in Delhi. There are in total 1.1 Million cases and 979000 people recovered from it. As the situation gets worse in the capital so there is a lockdown. 

People are advised to stay at home and wash their hands frequently.This is a very crucial time for our nation. We need to be united and work for humanity as much as possible. And I also urge you all to stay at home as much as possible. And never move out of your house without any reason. Do register yourself and get vaccinated.

Written by - Akash Agrawal

Edited by - Nidhi Verma

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