Colonialism and Nationalism in India - Important Readings - Political Science

  1. Role of Women in Indian National Movement
  2. Communalism
  3. Lenin's theory of Imperialism
  4. Impact of British Colonialism on Indian Economy
  5. Moderates and Extremists
  6. Trade Unions & Peasants
  7. Communist Party (Left)
  8. Congress Socialist Party
  9. Civil Disobedience Movement
  10. Revolutionary Movement & Terrorists
  11. Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fauj)
  12. Two Nation theory & Partition of India
  13. Role of Gandhi in Indian National Movement
  14. Impact of World War 2 on India
  15. Hobson's theory of Imperialism
  16. British Colonialism & Social Classes
  17. Non- Cooperation Movement
  18. Swaraj Party
  19. Approaches to the study of Colonialism & Nationalism in India
  20. Democratic Movements in Princely States
  21. Impact of British Colonialism on Education & Culture
  22. Indian National Congress
  23. Partition of Bengal
  24. Phases of British Colonial Rule
  25. Indian Independence Act,1947
  26. Anti-Caste- Ambedkar
  27. Quit India Movement
  28. Dyarchy - Govt. of India Act,1919
  29. Rise of Nationalism
  30. Cabinet Mission Plan
  31. 1857 Revolt
For complete organized notes before your exams, you can refer to this copy of Indian Polity:

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