12 Opportunities for Students in The field of Mass Media

The newspaper we read, the tweets we reply to and the series we watch, everything is media. Be it a billboard that you see on the highway or the pamphlets that people sell on roads or the magazines sold on a railway stall. Media is almost everywhere. How can we forget the media paparazzi that the celebrities get? Media influences people and plays a major role in moulding public opinion through television, radio, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, films, series.

 Media is the most powerful entity on our planet. Our generation has been known for breaking stereotypes. That is probably the reason why media has emerged as one of the most chosen careers by students in recent times.

Let’s explore some possible career opportunities for those pursuing media studies.

1) Camera Television Broadcasting

If you see yourself as something of a TV guru, either behind or in front of the camera, television broadcasting is a wonderful option for you. Now, is a great time to get on the ladder, as there are plenty of graduate openings that are available. Alternatively, you could use your organisational skills and dive into the administrative side of the TV. If you have switched on the TV in the past five years or so, you will know that pretty much every channel has now interactive elements and websites too. People are employed specifically to determine what happens when you push the BBC red button. Exciting?

2) Radio

If you see yourself as next Malishka a career in radio might be more up your alley. A role in radio is a lot more than just being a radio jockey. As with most roles in media, it is definitely a tricky business to get into, with a whole lot of rivalry. So before you start on this career path you can apply at your local radio station to get some work experience. It is all about understanding the technical side of radio and honing your communication skills so that you can use your microphone properly and project your voice before the audience like a pro!

3) Films, Documentaries, Illustration and Animation

Apart from broadcasting, you have films, documentaries, illustration and animation. Each of these career paths requires creativity and originality in abundance. Illustration and animation can be said a niche business activity there are plenty of amazing opportunities. It is basically all about getting your work in front of the people. Building up an awesome portfolio of your work is generally the key. You need exceptional drawing skills and an acute eye for detailing.

4) Directing/ Producing

As far as film and documentary making is concerned it is very important to have a true love for the motion picture industry. You might be getting into directing, producing or technical side of things. Alternatively, it might happen that you start out on your own and do all three!

 5) Print Media

Print media careers in journalism and publishing are very popular areas that many people look to get into. If you have seen Johnny Depp play journalism Hunter S Thompson in Fear and loathing you will know that journalism can be an extremely exciting industry chock -full of wonderful opportunities. Remember you will need to be thick-skinned, opinionated, and have an open mind.

 6) Newspapers and Magazines

To get into journalism, publishing work experience is pretty much very essential. Most people start at local newspapers and then work towards national publications, or even get an internship with independent publishing houses or magazines. You can get involved from an earlier age too by writing for students newspapers, magazines and taking on work experience roles. You can also be an editor and work with newspapers. Editors are in demand for a long time.

 7) Internet and Video games

Obviously, in the year 2019, it would be a little naive to write an article on media careers and not mention the internet, new media and video games. These are multi-billion pound industries and their expanding nature means that they will only get bigger. Employees in this sector need to have diverse and wide-ranging skills which include technical processes and in-depth industry knowledge with a head full of innovative ideas.

 8) Media Planner

When we talk about the media we are not only referring to stuff aimed at the public but also business to business magazines. Some TV channels, internet and radio shows are aimed purely at corporate audiences. These projects may involve anything from a company advertising its prowess to the clients to subjects such as using social networking to building relationships with brand partners and other people. You can also opt for media planner as a career.

 9) Event Management

If you are outspoken and fun to be with kind of person you should try event management. It involves planning and organising promotional, business and social events. Event managers are responsible for running a range of events. As an event manager, you will be organising conferences, seminars, exhibitions as well as parties and corporate incentive trips.

10) Public Relations

Public relations has become demanding with the evolution of social media. Public relations is creating and maintaining a favourable public image for their client by strategies or communication programs. Public relations managers are mostly tasked with fielding media questions, pitching stories to the media, preparing media kits and organising press conferences. Public relation managers also have to release information to counter negative publicity and handle a crisis.

11) Advertising and Marketing

The annoying pop up that comes along when you download an application and the advertisements you have to bear with before your youtube video plays show the fact that advertising and marketing industry is gaining a lot of importance and popularity. An advertising manager is someone who plans and directs the promotional advertising campaigns of companies in order to generate interest in a product or service. Yet another career choice for media students!

12) Writing

Every one of us has read Jeffrey Archer, Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat to name a few. Writers are the foundation of the media industry. It is because of these script and novel writers that we are adopting the change and have developed acceptance towards so many things in our life. Last but not the least writing is a wonderful career option that not only media students but students from any field can pursue.

You could also get involved with the content side of things, get seriously creative and become a dynamic director a promising producer, a rollicking researcher or a ridiculously good writer. If you plan to take the technical route you have to get seriously passionate and you can become a legendary technician. There are several opportunities for camera operators as well in the industry.

So whether you are looking to get your face out there or you want to get involved in the technical, creative and production sides of things, or you fancy being in a more corporate position there are very few limits to the number of opportunities available in the media sector. 

- Divya Maurya

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