Board of Young Leaders Program Success Story: Annapurna Kumar

How was your journey with Eat My News?

My short stint at EMN has been a great learning experience as I got to work with some great leaders who I still look up to in terms of their work ethic and the way they managed a diverse group of people and motivated us to give our best. The weekly performance evaluations and the constant feedback by the mentors helped me work on my shortcomings and also acted as a stimulator to keep working hard as even minor improvements were noticed and appreciated.

How is Board of Young Leaders Program helping you in your current role?

Having worked as a content writer I have developed the habit of reading regularly, a habit which has helped me tremendously during my MBA interviews and group discussions. Apart from that I have also learned how to manage my time efficiently by observing my mentors (specially Vidushi) who juggled a lot of tasks with utmost sincerity and commitment.

Why do you like Board of Young Leaders Program and what is that one thing that stands out about it as compared to others?

One thing that I like the most about this program is the accessibility it provides to interact and learn from people from all over world. Moreover, the work environment is so accommodating that one time when I didn’t agree with one of the editors (Tanya, who is also the founder of EMN) regarding her edits on one of my news stories, I could directly approach her and she actually listened to me and allowed me to write the story again. This incident helped me overcome my fear of authority and inspired me to become the sort of leader who not only welcomes different opinions but also gives their subordinates the space to make and learn from their mistakes.

Words of advice for young people contemplating joining Board of Young Leaders Program.

Becoming an Eatizen is an experience that will not only help you in your professional life but also in your personal life be it the work ethic you develop during your time here or the chance to hone your capabilities that you didn’t even know you had in the first place!

Want to become a leader and develop your skillset? Here is an opportunity to join the Board of Young Leaders Program by Eat My News. Click here to know more:
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