Why Delhi's pollution scare is alarming and what we can do about it

Pollution in India is a serious issue and is talked about in the whole world . It has been struggling with air pollution, water pollution , land pollution, poor sanitation and the list goes on.It has also been confirmed that India's pollution levels are some of the highest in the world.

India as a country is facing high pollution levels with each passing day but it is the country's capital new Delhi which is making headlines every year because of many factors Let us first look how air pollution has become such a major issue in the capital.

A new study has revealed that air pollution in Delhi is responsible for approximately 10,000 to 30,000 annual deaths in the city which means the capital city loses 80 lives per day to pollution and the deaths are Mainly from heart attacks and strokes. There are many factors which adds to air pollution :


Delhi is comparatively a very small city with a total area of 42.7km^2 holding a population of about 25 million. Most of the people residing are outsiders who have migrated from villages and small towns in search of work and better income and standard of living. Students from all over India come to Delhi to pursue higher studies. Delhi being the national capital gives them more opportunities.

Since the resources available are less and the population is increasing at a faster rate, it hampers the productivity and adds to pollution and shortage of resources which in turn increase the prices of products and services which we term as inflation.


With the increasing population the number of vehicles increases which adds to emission of harmful particles. Many


Farmers burn rice stubbles in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.The effect of these is witnessed in Delhi in the form of smog.


Industries produce a lot of waste and harmful substances. The Badarpur thermal power station in Delhi ,for instance, produces less than 8% of the city's electric power but produces 80 to 90% of particulate matter. There are many industries which also adds to pollution in one way or the other .


India is a festive country where people celebrate festivals with enthusiasm. Bursting firecrackers is one thing which they can never miss , which leads to pollution levels crossing the required level.

To reduce the alarming pollution levels in the city the chief minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal started with the odd-even rule which was implemented for a period of 15 days to analyse its impact. Mixed responses were received from the people but it bought some relief despite the problems faced by the residents.

The Delhi government also encourages people to avail public transport or start carpooling to travel to their workplaces.

Another issue faced by Delhi's people is water pollution and poor water supply in many of the slum areas.

The river Yamuna the reason for Delhi's existence has suffered heavily from pollution .

Wastes from 1500 unplanned neighbourhood run straight into the river. It is termed as the most polluted and dirtiest river of the country.

The river is almost dead now which is unfit for drinking and another purpose even after purification because of this Delhi residents use groundwater for drinking purpose. The ground water levels are thus falling with each passing day and the day is not far when water might become expensive than petrol and diesel.

Rapid urbanisation, industrialisation and population growth have all contributed to increasing the pollution levels of river Yamuna.

The government of India has taken many steps and initiated projects to save river Yamuna. The major being Yamuna action plan was launched in the year 1993. It was divided into 3 phases. A Huge amount of fund had been invested in this project to reduce the pollution levels. A Good news is that water quality has not been deteriorated after the implementation.

Conservation of Yamuna is an ongoing process and requires the collective effort of the Central and State Governments. But it is important that we people come forward and fulfil our responsibilities as a responsible citizen of India. If each individual uses resources judicially it would create a positive impact as a whole.

Another major abhiyaan initiated by the current government is swach bharat abhiyaan in 2014. It has been a huge success and the country has responded to it positively. Many groups have come forward to bring a positive change.

Subjects like environmental science have been included in the school and college curriculum to make students aware about the problems faced by our country and encourage them to use resources judicially and think of ideas to reduce the pollution levels.

The environmental issues faced by Delhi are many in number and are difficult to overcome but can be solved with proper implementation of the plans by the government and the residents of Delhi :

Be responsible for the environment

The resources which we use today are nature's gift to us and we should use them carefully so that our coming generations can survive and lead a comfortable life. Every individual should ,therefore take responsibility and help the government to implement the plans.

Controlling population

The more the merrier is not the case here, more family members in the family imply more bread eaters and shortage of resources.

The government is also making people aware about family planning and why it is the need of the hour.

Go green

In the past few years a lot of emphasis is being made on planting more and more trees in the city. Delhi's people have responded well and have come forward to make Delhi green.

The government cannot function alone it is our responsibility to help them . All residents should come together to bring a positive change and make Delhi a happy and clean place to breathe and live in and make Delhi famous for good causes and not for alarming pollution levels and it's toxic air .

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