How this college community can help you network

                             “Your network is your net worth.”
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There are around 7 billion people in this world. Each one of them is enough. Each one is worthy in their own way. How do you stand out? In a job where there are hundreds of people doing the same task, in college where everyone plans to join the same rat race, how do you form an identity of your own? How do you make sure that people know you for what you are and all that you are capable of?
The people around us give us an identity. The people we speak to, the conversations we indulge in; they have the power to make or break us. In today’s world, a person’s work is not enough to show that they’re important. It’s the people who can speak for this one person, who can account for their credibility; they make this one person important.
Networking is ‘the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.’ Networking is an essential aspect in all sides of our life. A lot of things still happen through word-of-mouth and thus it is important to have a steady network of people one connects with from time to time.

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The question that arises here is, “How does one start networking?” Don’t worry. You already are. Everyone you speak to right now is your networking circle. Every new person you talk to is added to your networking circle. What is important is that one continuously expands their circle and grows as a person. Who you know and who knows you matters far more than we give it credit for.
“How does one expand their networking circle?” Needless to say, as students, this is the best time to network. This is the time to be your true selves and show everyone everything that you’re capable of. This is the time to push your horizons and meet new, different people without the fear of judgment. The best ways to expand your networking circle right now would be to go out more often. Attend conferences, seminars, and training sessions on topics you may have the slightest interest in. Experiment with different things.
One of the most productive ways to begin would be to apply to be a member of the Board of Young Leaders (BOYL) by Eat My News. A global youth community, Eat My News focuses on the holistic development of students. When you apply to be a member of BOYL, you get an opportunity to attend the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC). Students from across the world attend this two-day residential conference. There are sessions by well-renowned speakers on a variety of topics, ranging from leadership skills, finding one’s passion, being an entrepreneur and etc. One gets to meet so many different people, coming from different cultural and regional backgrounds. This conference is enriching, not only with the knowledge that it imparts from sessions but because of what we can learn from the people present there. One of the best places to network, when you attend the YLC, you start your two-day journey being a stranger and end it with becoming a family.

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Apart from networking with students, one can talk to the different speakers that are a part of the conference. When one attends so many different sessions on a diverse range of topics, there has to be one point or one session that hits you when you least expect it and you think, “Perhaps this is something I want to try.” You can speak to them, solve your queries, and take down details for future interactions. One of the scariest things in life is not knowing where to begin. When you attend the Youth Leadership Conference, you’ve already made the decision.
Being a member of BOYL, you can choose a department to work in (content, HR, marketing, etc). You can choose to remain a member or become a leader and guide your own teams. Either way, now you have the opportunity to work with hundreds of people passionate about the same things as you, working towards the same cause and achieving the same goals. Can networking get any easier?
There’s no denying that networking can sometimes be time-consuming, strenuous and draining (even a little awkward if you’re not an extrovert). However, at the same time, one cannot downplay its importance and how it can turn a person’s career around.

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Through BOYL and through Eat My News, you get to form, establish and nurture long-term relationships which would be mutually beneficial for both you and the other person. You get to learn, make mistakes, develop new and improve upon existing skills and gain access to resources that will help you in the future. Most importantly, you gain friends and a family for life.
According to Robert Kiyosaki, “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there.” Networking is one of the most crucial aspects of career growth. It helps in uncovering opportunities, gaining guidance and expertise, and in improving one’s skill set. Want to begin your journey of networking? Join the Board of Young Leaders Program today.
- Vaishnavi Mohan

Want to become a leader and develop your skillset? Here is an opportunity to join the Board of Young Leaders Program by Eat My News. Click here to know more: 
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