Stephanie Beatriz’s Worst Moment And How She Overcame It

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The Most Dedicated Actor

Stephanie Beatriz’s character Rosa Diaz in Brooklyn Nine-Nine was created especially for her after her audition and the initial character was named Megan. Beatriz did an outstanding job for the role. She modulated her voice to make her sound like “the tough guy”, she has same hairstyle throughout most part of the series and she wears her signature leather jacket.

Stephanie used to wear leather jackets even before her character as the wardrobe for Rosa was mostly her clothes. But when she got the role, she stopped wearing them so that she’d not be recognized in public places.

Series of Worst Moments

During her play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she played Maggie in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She had to do a monologue for 25 minutes while the character Brick laid up in bed after breaking his leg. It was in the year 2009, her initial beginning of career.

Most of the times, the production cast hired white people for lead role. When she was selected, she put herself in a lot of pressure, trying to give her best. She said she was nervous and she wanted everything to be perfect.

When Maggie entered, she wore a beautiful dress but her brother in-law’s ‘no-neck monsters’ kids spilled something and she was supposed to change the dress. When Stephanie was trying to remove the dress on-stage, it was stuck. She was alone on the stage and nobody was there to help her.

She was tearing the dress so that the scene could go on. But that was not the only one. Brick comes to a beautifully set scenario and Maggie had to re-do her makeup and when she went for the makeup box, it straight-away fell on one of her fingernails and the nail broke.

At that moment, she couldn’t even scream because that would disrupt the entire play. She held her thumb inside her palm and continued. At last, she had to go to a chair to change her dress. Unfortunately, the prop was not placed in its location.

Even after all these struggles, Beatriz gave her 100% to justify her role and succeeded.

What Does All This Reveal?  

On her first lead role, Beatriz tried her maximum not to disrupt the whole story. This shows her level of dedication and the extent of her tolerance to endure in the industry. All this proves that she is very committed to what she does and how much of a great actress she is.

Before Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Stephanie Beatriz was sure that she wouldn’t get the part. She was a Latina and Melissa Fumero too. When Melissa got the role of Amy Santiago, she gave up her hope totally. But, when she got the part, she was astonished. That was the first time where two Latina women shared the screen space in an American show.

Hard work and dedication always pay off, in one way or the other. We just have to do our job and one day, you’ll get what is destined for you.

Written By - Keerthana Lakshmi