45 interview questions for your first job

45 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers for Students appearing for their first job interview.

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

3. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

4. What is your biggest achievement?

5. Tell me about a challenge or conflict you've faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

6. What's your dream job?

7. What do you know about the company?

8. Why are you interested in this role?

9. Why should we hire you?

10. Tell me about an experience where you displayed leadership.

11. How would your friends describe you?

12. How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations?

13. What do you like to do outside of work?

14. If you were an animal, which one would you want to be?

15. Tell me about this internship that i see on your resume.

16. How has your internship experience prepared you for the position you are applying to?

17. Have you done any volunteer work? Why?

18. What's your favourite book and why?

19. How would your professors describe you?

20. Give me an example of when you worked in a team? What was your role?

21. Give me an example of when you disagreed with a teammate. How did you handle it?

22. How do you respond to criticism?

23. How do you manage time when there are multiple tasks and immediate deadlines? Give an example of when you've done this in the past.

24. How do you handle success? Give an example.

25. How do you handle failure? Give an example.

26. Why are you better suited for this role compared to other applicants?

27. What do you think it takes to be successful in this position?

28. Tell me about a time when someone got angry with you. What happened?

29. Tell me about a time you had to make an important decision. How did you go about it?

30. Who is your role-model? Why?

31. What motivates you?

32. What type of work environment do you prefer?

33. What do you do for self-improvement?

34. What is your favourite movie and why?

35. Who is your favourite superhero and why?

36. Tell me about a time you overcame a major problem.

37. What adjective describes you best?

38. How would you make an alarm clock for a blind person?

39. How would you improve product X (or pick a product and how would you improve it)?

40. How would you solve problem X for product/service Y?

41. What factors would you consider when deciding what search results to show on Google?

42. Sell this pen to me.

43. How many golf balls can you fit into a limousine?

44. What are your salary expectations?

45. Do you have any questions for us?

Source: https://mindgrad.com/free-reads/f/interview-questions-for-students

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