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The volume of MBA applications is increasing by huge numbers every single year. With the rise in these applications, the competition is on the rise too. Hence, B-schools today are looking to select the best from the huge pool of applicants who appear for the competitive and aptitude tests for MBA.

The structure of the MBA has changed ever since it was first introduced by Harvard Business School in 1908. The calibre and qualifications required for an MBA student has changed over the years. Most B-schools like IIMA, IIMB, IIMK, XLRI and more take personal interviews. The MBA admissions ask for quantitative as well as qualitative skills. The qualitative skills are the set of soft skills that are looked in a candidate in most of the personal interviews. The candidates are judged and marked on the basis of the academic knowledge and the set soft skills they possess. People from different educational and professional backgrounds get into MBA as it helps them to climb up in the hierarchal ladder where the knowledge of business administration is essential.

Although, there are some B-schools which do not take any personal interviews yet the soft skills are a very important part of the MBA course. During the two years, the first year focuses on management and the second year focuses on specialisation in the field of personal choice such as HR, Marketing, Finance et cetera.

Eat my news is a student-run, college community driven media platform that endeavours to make the world more inspired, informed and intelligent. It enrols students in their Board of Young Leaders Program (BOYL) where they get the opportunity to attend their Youth Leadership Conference which trains them in Personality Growth, Soft-Skill development and General Awareness. After the conference, students directly become the members of the organization and get to work in the department of their choice namely Content Writing, Human Resource & Talent Management, Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, YouTube Content Creation and Global/Community Expansion.

This community program has specially designed activities that target the personal growth of the students and helps in shaping their personality by honing and cultivating their soft skills such as leadership skills, teamwork, communication skills, and critical thinking. They also help the students in building their confidence and self-esteem. They help them with experience by also giving them real-life work experience which in turn trains them.

The Youth Leadership Conference by Eat My News is a two-day conference that takes place in Delhi. The conference‘s main motive is to ensure overall personality growth, soft-skill development, and general awareness of its students. Many students from different parts of the country from different educational backgrounds attend the conference. The conference has a series of activities and sessions conducted by experienced and certified experts. People take memories as well as new skills and experience with them.

Working with EMN helps in gaining practical knowledge and experience which is much more vital than just theoretical knowledge. Such programs and conferences help students to get a real life experience which grows their personality that helps them in MBA admissions in particular and life in general.

Here are 7 ways in which Eat My News help you:-

Leadership Skills

In the course of MBA, several events and opportunities require students to exercise their leadership skills. Leadership is not a title or position. It is an action and an example of conduct that inspires other team members. However, during such scenarios students often get nervous, confused and under confident.

Having a prior experience of leadership gives students a head start and makes them more confident. Eat my News gives you just this head start. It makes you and experience the basis of a good leader beforehand in your college days only. It makes you learn how a true leaders are formed and what is required and expected from them.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills act as bricks of a strong foundation that helps you grow in all spheres of your life. The art of communication is the language of leadership. MBA requires well-built communication skills as you would need it to convince and propose ideas for your career and growth. There are many classroom activities, interactive sessions and seminars that are conducted during the course of MBA. Not only this, while climbing up the ladder of success of your career, you must be able to express your ideas and visions across clearly and convincingly. Genuine and real knowledge is a must but without good communication skills in the corporate world, you are just like a bird without wings.

Eat My News intensively trains you for this. In their Youth leadership Program, they ask you to practically live with strangers from all around the world for two days and challenge you to form an identity amongst them. This serves as a genuine boost to confidence and you come out much sure about your communication skills.

Moreover, as they say “Experience is the Biggest Teacher”. In the duration of your tenure at Eat My News, you are required to interact with new people almost everyday. This really grooms your speaking skills and turn you into an eloquent speaker.

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Confidence and self-esteem

MBA needs their students to come out of their comfort zones to face the real world corporate situations. Facing these real world situations can get very overwhelming. Students need to be self-assured in such times. Confidence and self-esteem are a must have skill when pursuing an MBA. B-schools, all around the world, sustain this skill as one of their core and basic soft skill. You must believe in yourself first to convince and negotiate with another.

This College Community helps you to inculcate just that by offering you a journey full of ups and downs where you learn from experiences and turn strong enough to face any such situation in the future. It adds fuel to your growth.

Critical thinking

An MBA student is required to possess critical thinking ability to see the complete picture what others may miss. They must be able to observe and anticipate the losses or threats to the business. They must not always accept the spoon-feeded information at its face value.

MBA students are taught and trained to ask relevant questions and analyse situations in a better-structured manner. This college community helps you out by putting you in such hypothetical situations beforehand only. It forces you to exercise your little grey cells to think of all the aspects and angles of the given situation. This distinguishes you from others because what others are taught, you already know.

Time Management

Time management is a discipline that is required and is a very important part of management skills. Time management is a herculean task and its toil is faced by most of us in our day-to-day life. MBA curriculum tries to inculcate a keen sense of importance of time management in their students. In this fast track world, where the face and map of the business world are changing every day, good time management skill is an asset to keep up with the race everyone is running after.

Students are given presentations and assignments by non-negotiable deadlines, the constant battle against time prepares them with time management skills and the discipline to focus on a task at hand. However, in the beginning this task may seem like a burden and pressure which tends to affect the productivity of the students.

Hence, to excel there, a prior experience becomes all the more essential. An experience with Eat my News here comes to your rescue for it teaches you time management by making you manage your work alongside college days. It trains you to meet your deadlines in advance.

Team Work

It takes proper team effort to meet deadlines and goals for success and growth of an organization. It is vital to learn how to work in a team where ideas clash and not every opinion is co-operated by everyone.

MBA curriculums have been designed to teach teamwork to the students by teaming them up with peers to exchange ideas and complete projects. This collaborative experience trains you to work in teams were every individual represents a unique set of ideas and insight to the theme.

However, a prior experience of teamwork distinguishes you from the rest and makes your journey more comfortable and easier. Eat my news makes its students work in teams by planting a seed of empathy in them for one other. This makes them cooperative, punctual and productive.

All roundedness

All B-schools have a mix of students from various educational and professional backgrounds. They look into them and train them for all-rounded progress and growth. The MBA curriculums are designed to prepare students to face the real 
grave situations in the corporate world.

However, when students enter MBA having a prior experience from the college days itself, the two year journey becomes easier and students outshine themselves. They have a head start from the rest in the big run.

For them, MBA only grooms and polishes their pre-existing skills and gives them wings.


There is a humongous difference between theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge. Eat My News Community gives you a practical knowledge which enables you to compile the theoretical aspects of MBA much better and much easily.

- Nivedita Kundu and Vasudha Sabharwal

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