Top 10 new series to binge on Netflix

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It is hard to imagine that a few years back we lived in a world without Netflix. Since its inception it has been the best place to look for great stories to watch and cure that boredom. With over a thousand originally produced series and movies, Netflix is now churning out content by the minute. However, sometimes the overload of shows can be confusing. Even with its sophisticated recommendation system, it can be hard to decide what the next bingeworthy series could be. But fret not online community, for here are the 10 fresh Netflix shows currently streaming on the platform for your next binge.

(On a side note, these are new series which are usually 1 season old. Returning series have not been included.) So, let’s dive in!

1. Bodyguard

No, not the Salman Khan movie! This 6-episode British thriller follows a former war veteran who is assigned to be the bodyguard of a controversial member of parliament. What follows is a taut well-made thriller full of political conspiracies and action set-pieces which is sure to keep you at the edge of your seats. The series became the most watched drama on BBC and also earned the lead actor a golden globe for his performance.

2. You

“You” is a prime example of the importance of streaming platforms like Netflix. It first debuted in September 2018 on Lifetime TV channel but failed to impress the audience and was canceled after one season. After coming on Netflix however, the show has had a new life and is currently one of the most popular ones online with second season on its way (produced by Netflix of course). The Psychological thriller is about a bookstore owner and writer who becomes the subject of the former’s sinister obsession with her. At once, it is creepy and clever, and keeps the dose of drama and fun on the high.

3. Mindhunter

Helmed by the acclaimed filmmaker of Gone Girl and Seven, David Fincher, this exceptional psychological thriller is about the early days of the criminal profiling division of the FBI where two agents travel across the US interviewing serial killers, trying to understand their psyches and while catching the ones out on the loose. Think Silence of the Lambs meets True Detective! The slow burn thriller focuses more on conversation than action and slowly creeps under your skin. It even ends on a sinister cliffhanger leaving the story open-ended rather than completing the whole picture. Bring it on season 2!

4. Russian doll

One of the most creative shows on Netflix, Russian Doll is quirky, innovative, melancholic in parts and downright hilarious. The story is about a 36-year-old woman who keeps re-living the same day over and over again whenever she dies. The 8-part season with half hour episodes is perfect for a binge day in. If the reason for this mysterious time loop doesn’t keep you hooked for the entire season, the characters and the dark comedy surely will.

5. Haunting of hill house

For the fans of horror, this one is a treat. Based on the acclaimed novel, the show follows the story of a family and their horrific past when living in a haunted house. The series jumps back and forth delving into their current lives and impact of the childhood trauma on them. With more focus on the story and characters rather than on jump scares (although there’s enough of that too), and with a delicious mystery at the center of it that unravels piece by piece, “Haunting of hill house” is rightly regarded as one of the finest horror stories as well as one of the best Netflix has to offer. This one will stay with you for days!

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6. Money heist

The Spanish show is a breakout hit on the platform proving that there is no such thing as language barrier when it comes to streaming shows online and good content. The plot involves a criminal mastermind simply called “The professor” and his team of con artists and thieves who are out to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. Besides pulling off the biggest heist ever, the focus is also on the personal lives of the hostages and the robbers themselves which keeps you invested. Although available as an English dubbed version too, the one with original language (with subtitles of course) is much more realistic. It is also routinely labeled as the most-bingeworthy show on the streaming platform. Robbers or hostages, you never know who you might root for.

7. Formula 1: Drive to survive

Netflix in the recent times has come to be known as the best place to watch real life documentaries and if you have had enough of the true crime stories, “Drive to survive” could be a welcome change. The Formula 1 season is in itself quite entertaining, but when it is laid out as a whole in front of us in a 10-part season intercut with personal lives of the drivers and crew, it is a binge waiting to happen. Netflix acquired the rights to the 2018 Formula 1 championship for an exclusive behind the scenes with never seen before footage and we are all for it for the result is amazing. At once stylish and exhilarating, this show might turn you into a formula 1 fan.

8. The Umbrella Academy

With the plethora of superhero stuff out there, it is hard to put out fresh content in the genre which is why “The Umbrella Academy” should be given even more credit. The unusual story of seven adopted children with superpowers and the death of their step-father becomes the recipe of science fiction fantasy, action, drama and dollops of dark comedy. It may be weird for some viewers’ taste but nevertheless it is as fascinating as it is original and surprisingly emotional as well. Give it a try!

9. Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians

We are hooked onto cricket, especially the IPL and all the drama that ensues behind the pitch and on it, and people at Netflix know it. Which is why the streaming giants gained unprecedented access into the IPL with the premier season of the documentary focusing on Mumbai Indians. Movies combined with cricket, if done right, can be a cracker combination (ask Bollywood!), and the same is the case with is one. It is an exciting look at behind the scenes and certainly far from a PR exercise one might be expecting. Although the season limits the focus on only the 2018 campaign there might more to come in future with other teams waiting to be explored as well. So, get on it before it’s late!

10. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

In mood for some pulpy action and horror with gothic undertones? Sabrina is what you are looking for. It hearkens back to the good old days of Archie’s comics and the hugely popular “Sabrina the teenage witch” but it is the dark-supernatural treatment that sets it apart. As the name suggests, it follows the adventures of the half-witch, half-mortal Sabrina and the supernatural world that surrounds her filled with occult and surprising amounts of fun as well. While an entire generation grew up on its lighter predecessor, this one is for our time.

Do let us know in comments which one is your favorite and if there is any show you think should be on the list as well.

Happy binging Folks!

- Kartik Kukreja

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