100 Public Speaking Topics for an Impromptu Speech


“Ideas shape the course of history.”- John Maynard Keynes

An idea is the core of public speaking. Without one, public speaking doesn’t make much sense. All the great speakers in the history have had an idea or a message that they wanted to pass on to the world. Those unique ideas which they spoke about made them great because those ideas changed the history of the world.

Public speaking begins with an idea.

An idea you believe in and want to carry on to the audience. A good speech should be long enough to cover the interest and short enough to create interest, and that can be done the best when a speaker focuses on an idea and works his/her way around it. These ideas can be of something you have been thinking about for a long time or something that you truly believe can change and inspire others.

In your public speaking career, there may come a time when you'll have to jump in for an impromptu speech without having a prepared content or even a topic in advance. During those critical scenarios, you will have be very wise in terms of your topic selection.


While selecting a topic for an impromptu speech, choose a topic that you are the most familiar with and can prepare in a short span of time. After selecting the topic, pen down all the points related to that topic that pop up in your mind. Also, always keep your audience in mind while selecting a topic. It is the audience who are finally going to hear your speech. Hence, you must satisfy their needs as well.

Be wise while choosing a topic. If you take up a topic that you are not familiar with, you'll just invite unneeded stress and worries to yourself.

Here are some ideas for public speaking that can help you out.

  1. How can you improve public speaking skills?
  2. Why being lazy isn’t always a bad thing
  3. Is our society too dependent on technology?
  4. All internships should be paid internships
  5. Sleep is vital for brain and development for a person
  6. Books are always better than the movie.
  7. Ban smoking in all public places
  8. Justice is never the same for all.
  9. Human Rights needs to be made a law
  10. Why Environmental Science should be made a compulsory subject
  11.  Religion is the cause of war.
  12.  Social media fame is a scam.
  13.  Parenting classes must be compulsory.
  14.  The education system is killing creativity
  15.  Why self-love is not selfish
  16.  Global warming is a real threat and not just a topic to be taught in schools
  17.  How nepotism still exist
  18.  Is capitalism better than socialism
  19.  Why there will be a World War III?
  20.  Creativity and originality is dying

And here are some more...

21.  Why feminism is a need.

22.  Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities.

23.  Parental advisory labels hinder the freedom of speech of artists

24.  People have the right to decide about their own life and death.

25.  Is democracy dead?

26.  How Human Rights are exploited every day.

27.  Does freedom of speech really exist?

28.  Why body positivity a necessity today

29.  Money can buy happiness

30.  Juvenile Crime is dealt with fault

31.  The schools are manufacturing robots

32.  Why stereotypes exist

33.  Marks-sheet can’t weigh intelligence

34.  People kill people, guns don’t

35.  Minimum wage is too low

36.  The unpaid work of women in the society should be calculated in the National Income

37.  Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) should be every country’s agenda

38.  Is Batman a real superhero?

39.  Is the world ready for a female Bond?

40.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

41.  Why is honesty not the best policy?

42.  Socialisation is dying with social-media

43.  Mental health should be discussed out loud

44.  Can we really be living in The Matrix?

45.  Fake news should be an offence

46.  Is development a disguised destruction?

47.  Video Games with extreme violence harms the minds

48.  Teachers truly are the makers of the world, thus they should be more cautious with their    words and actions

49.  Movies romanticize harmful and toxic actions

50.  How the internet is a blessing?

51.  Can AI take over mankind?

52.  Celebrities are not role models

53.  Why capital punishment needed?

54.  Why capital punishment should be banned?

55.  How to be more confident?

56.  Going green is not a choice but a need

57.  There should be equal pay for the same position without discrimination

58.  Society is a helper to the crimes against women

59.  Politics should be religion free

60.  Is India really a secular country?

61.  Equality or equity?

62.  Unorganized sector should have labour laws

63.  Equal punishment and less protection for celebrities who break the law

64.  Money is power in this world while values and ethics is dead

65.  People buying banned animal products should be punished harder than the poachers

66.  Zoos should be banned

67.  Dogs are man’s best friend

68.  Free counselling to at-risk youth

69.  Parent’s responsibility to discuss sex education

70.  It is important to realise the reality if you are privileged

71.  Opportunities knock at the doors of the rich

72.  Why depression and anxiety at a peak in today’s youth?

73.  Parents should be accountable for not providing a healthy diet to their children

74.  Why a live-in relationship healthy for the couple.

75.  Discipline should be based on rewards, not punishment

76.  Divorce doesn’t damage children

77.  Teachers should be required to give a skill-based test every few years to keep their certification

78.  Why are co-ed schools better than single sex schools?

79.  Does cheating on a test shows the poor standards of our education system

80.  History textbooks don’t always tell the truth

81.  Going to college has little bearing on a successful future

82.  Making it mandatory to have more than 8 co-curricular activities other than studies for schools

83.  To be grown up is a state of mind

84.  Intelligence is not enough

85.  There’s no peace without wars

86.  Manners make a person

87.  Experience is wisdom

88.  Education should not be limited to the classrooms

89.  The rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer

90.  The media brainwashes

91.  Ads targeting children should be cross-checked more properly

92.  The era of technology is the best and worst of times

93.  Can fame buy happiness?

94.  Children learn what they live with

95.  The young are lonelier than the old

96.  The Olympics is a dying sport

97.  Prison doesn’t reform prisoners

98.  It is healthy to carry emotions

99.  Any kind of toxic relationship is harmful for life

100.  Optimism helps in life

These are some of the best Public Speaking Topics for an impromptu speech. These will not only be engaging to your audience, but will also be easy for you to prepare in a short span of time.

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- Neha Kundu