Top 3 marketing internships every college student must do

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Marketing industry today is expanding its panorama and growing fast as a career prospect. Especially with the advent of social media, marketing, both online and offline has become fundamental to every organization. With such high demands and diversified opportunities, more and more students find their interest in this challenging yet adventurous career.

Having a theoretical knowledge is essential but having a practical knowledge is whole another important ordeal. In this sense, internships are the best ways for college students to explore their interests and widen their career horizons. However, it becomes a cumbersome task to filter the right opportunity to have the most productive experience.

Marketing is the study of monetizing the science of people; therefore, you need to begin your marketing career with people as an intern. Social media is the new word-of-mouth. Websites are the new billboards. There is no such thing as learning marketing in the modern business landscape without being introduced to industry standard programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, and others. Internships can be a win-win situation if handled properly.

Experience will be called a productive one when you move forward after learning new skills and making new lifelong connections. The connections that you develop in an internship are very important especially for students who want to establish their career in Marketing as connections are a key to marketing.

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For a productive experience, here are three marketing internships that every college student must strive to get:

1. Eat My News:

Eat My News is an independent global youth community and learning platform comprising the youth who believe in the movement to make the world more inspired, informed, and intelligent. It enables young people to develop themselves by learning from knowledge, opportunities and challenging experiences. It believes that the holistic development of youth is the fundamental solution to build a better future.

It is a platform which motivates the youth to develop their skills to the fullest by extent by creating a work atmosphere for the same. The work environment is also very comfortable and people have a mutual understanding and mutual respect.

Eat my news has three marketing departments namely Marketing, Social media Marketing and Online Reputation Management (ORM.) It conducts and covers various Internship Fairs in different colleges and actively partners & collaborates in several colleges. The ORM department works profusely in the domain of marketing through various social platforms. The Social media marketing department is responsible for handling content and outreach on social media.

Being a global youth community, it provides students an opportunity to make connections from all around the world. As it is working in different parts of the world, it provides a great platform to interact with people from different communities and linguistics. It also provides a plethora of leadership opportunities. It lets you innovate and experiment new ways and techniques.

The biggest advantage of working with Eat My News is that you get massive exposure that fills you up with self-confidence. Apply now using this link.

2. MindGrad:

In today's world, soft skills are the new description for setting foot in the industrial world. They work at the backend of any successful job description. MindGrad is a platform which curates certified soft skill courses in several fields which are designed to help people excel in their careers. It works on the overall personality development of their interns and creates a very positive and productive work atmosphere.

MindGrad’s marketing interns get the opportunity to be a part of active collaborations and partnerships with events of different colleges across Delhi. Apart from that they also involve themselves in extensive content marketing through various online platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. This way, interns do not only get trained in the field work but also get groomed in their writing abilities.

Many college students experience under confidence. However, something is empowering about being trusted with a real job in a real company with real consequences and results. When college students do an internship like that, they realize their strengths. Here lies a big impetus in working with MindGrad, while working with the organization, you get trained in various skills that enhance your personality. Apply now using this link.

3. Slice Pay:

SlicePay is a digital platform which was founded with a mission to make credit accessible to millennials in India. It acts as a bridge which gives easy access to products and services that students and the young generation already need and use. Early access and exposure to credit not only improves their future financial aspects but also goes a long way in increasing the financial inclusiveness of our country at large.

It provides a great opportunity for people with an outgoing personality who wants to pursue a career in the marketing field. They can get exposure by chalking out marketing campaigns, market product, organize events and be a leader, and influencer among your peers! Based on your performance and the requirements you can get hired for a permanent role in SlicePay for the roles in Marketing, Business Development or Operation domains.

These are the internship opportunities that every student must strive to grab. The experience of a professional workspace before getting placed in a full-time job is essential as it gives a headstart experience that enables the students to work and prepare themselves before stepping into the corporate world.

- Kashish Goel and Vasudha Sabharwal

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