What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is basically the practice of protecting all online systems from cyber attacks. With increasing dependence on various forms of technology, we are completely dependent on the internet for daily activities. We have all our information on the net, be it personal details related to bank accounts, addresses, photographs and much more. This, obviously, becomes the sole reason for attackers to hack into our information.
To ensure maximum data protection, we need to first ensure that apart from the security steps that are taken, the general public too, is informed about the dangers of the Internet. There is a need to create awareness regarding Cybersecurity. Many organizations are now developing programs trained to battle cyber threats. All leading companies are now working towards taking on the hackers to protect the information of its customers.
Some of the most common types of cyber attacks and its solutions are provided below:
1. Information related wars: with the increasing use of various kinds of data by the top agencies of the world, there has been a rise in the attacks on various government websites and servers to steal confidential data. Many countries employ professional hackers to hack into the information of other countries and extract the said data.
2. Issues due to handling Big Data: The huge MNC’s today handle too much data every day. It is more than it has ever been before. Due to the variety of digital data formats, it becomes difficult to handle them and thus becomes an easy target for attackers.
3. Cloud storage security: Due to the shortage of storage systems, companies are now largely depending on cloud storage for data keeping. It can be a serious threat to data privacy and mishandling if no proper governance and security barriers are provided.
4.  Rising use of IoT (Internet of Things): The modern enterprises are heavily reliant on internet technologies for data access and transfer. However, due to the complexity of the use, there are many hidden problems and uses related to its use. The vulnerability of personal data can be a serious threat to awaiting users.
5. Ransomware and Blockchain attacks: Ransomware is a widespread Cybersecurity threat in which some of the files within the infected code stay encrypted. The users are required to pay big sums in order to retrieve the decryption key. There are also cases where users will not receive the security key even after a successful payment.
The blockchain technology and its rising uses have led to its great adoption. With the increasing valuation of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain sector has been affected by rising no. of cyber scams in today’s world.
With the rapid growth of technology, there has been rapid advancement of cyber attacks too. In older days, the influx of technology in our lives was limited and hence the data was relatively safer. The 21st century has brought about a phenomenal change in the use of technology in our daily lives. With cyber attacks becoming a common thing now, the general public must be aware of some commonly used cybersecurity terms for their own benefit. Some of them are:
This is one of the oldest methods to steal data in the world of technology. Phishing is the simple way of sending an email or something similar and hoping you get information from the user.
This is also a type of Phishing that takes the form of Voice Phishing. This has become more common nowadays. Someone will contact you over the phone, pretending to be from a Bank or Insurance Company and claim that the account etc has been blocked. They will then ask you to provide your sensitive details and OTP etc. On providing them with the information, you will expose your details to them and can be a victim of cyber attack.
This is a new form of Phishing that has gained recent attention. In this, you will receive a text message that is said to be from your bank, which will ask you to phone a number to verify your identity or give other personal information, which then gets them into your sensitive information.    
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As time will progress, there will only be a massive increase in the use of data and technology in our lives. Alongside will be the growth of criminally minded hackers too. A thing to make clear is that hackers have a much better knowledge of the system that they are attacking, as they are able to break into the system. To fight them, we are in need of talented minds that are willing to work on the right path and not the wrong one.

Apart from increasing Cybersecurity, there is also a need to formulate a law to punish these criminals. Many advanced nations have already passed laws to handle the attackers. There have been demands for such a law in India too, but no such appropriate steps have been taken yet. It is time that the general public gets more aware of the virtual world and takes appropriate steps to counter such attacks and prevent cyber attacks efficiently.
- Sonal Bera

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