Technology innovations worth looking forward to

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With the rapid growth in technology, the world is witnessing many technological innovations. The world is improving as we move on, inventing and discovering something new and something better each day. Needless to say, without these advanced innovations, we would not have progressed this far. Leading scientists and researchers are trying to translate their ideas into something that will simplify our lives and make it better and perhaps more interesting.

The primary purpose of technology and innovations is to make the lives of the general public more comfortable. Before the advent of modern technology, there used to be no such level of automation and we used to employ labour to do the tasks we considered tedious or difficult. In today’s digitally connected world, technology has a bigger role to play than humans in making our lives comfortable. From doing minor housework to repairs to doing industrial production to complex calculations, we find more and more time for ourselves.
Some of the innovations that have great potential and must be highlighted are as follows:

1.    The dress that monitors the Heart Rate

There are already wearable fitness bands that measure the body’s heart rate, but as numerous studies have shown that the accuracy can vary significantly on many factors. Though it will work for the general public, but for the greater professionals, accuracy is everything.

The scientists have used some kind of ECG leads that are printed into the cloth fabric. This new t-shirt designed by the smart materials company KYMIRA will accurately measure the pulse rate (heartbeat) and upload it to their app or the cloud via Bluetooth technology. Once that is done, their specially designed algorithms process the data to accurately detect any kind of irregular heartbeats and alert the medical contacts in case of irregularities, thus acting as a potential lifesaver. 

2.    Electric Vehicles (EV)

With natural resources depleting at a fast rate, there has been a rise in the adoption of electric vehicles. These non-polluting and efficient vehicles are expected to promote sustainable energy development and at the same time address the climate and air quality changes.

Due to rising oil prices coupled with the environmental impact of the petroleum-based transportation vehicles, the future is possible only when we adopt sustainable resources and look forward to adopting electric vehicles. Though not a recent idea, the EV segment is now gaining more and more popularity.
There are some adoption challenges for widespread use of these electric vehicles, such as the lack of acceptance for this new technology, high initial purchase cost, and lack of charging infrastructure in cities. Once addressed, the future will be efficient, clean and less polluting with electric vehicles on the road.
3.    Foldable screens/smartphones

The smartphone segment is the place where there are new features coming out every month. With all leading companies trying hard to innovate and satisfy their customers, there has been the development of smartphones with foldable screens.

Foldable phones are a revolution in the technology industry due to their ability to be folded without damaging the pixels and breaking the surface glass structure. The foldable phone has been under testing, research, and development for a long time. It became a reality recently with Samsung and Huawei launching a smartphone that’s ready for public use. Not just phones; there has been the development of other devices where the bending property of screens is utilized. 

4.    Self-driving vehicles

We live in a country where road mishaps are a major cause of death. With the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the autonomous vehicles will certainly make roads safer and be a thing to look out in the future. There is already huge development on this technology with Tesla, Google, and many big companies working on it and making it a reality. 

There are some limitations on this project, mainly due to the presence of confusing signs, or human drivers on the road. However, there is constant work going on in this field and new updates are constantly on the roll, thus making this technology a thing to look out for.

5.    Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

These two terms are inter-related with each other. The technology is one of the most looked out for and has a bright future ahead too. Nowadays, we see AI everywhere, from small households to big MNC’s. Machine learning is one of the very important parts of AI that provides computer devices with the ability to learn new things and self develops without being explicitly programmed to do a particular task. It uses its complex algorithms to form new assignments and tries to learn unknown tasks and situations it has not been designed to do.
These were some of the few mind-blowing technology ideas that are gaining momentum and will have a big share in the future. If everything goes well and technology remains the servant and humans the masters, we can surely say that the future is going to be very exciting, filled with many more such inventions that will be worth waiting for.

- Sonal Bera

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