10 Ways to Improve Academic Performance

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Academics play a dominant role in shaping an individual's career and it is important that one excels in whatever they study. However, at times it is difficult to manage it alongside our hectic lives, maybe because of the heavy load of our personal relationships, or because of our wrong strategies to study. Do you need tips on how to improve your academic performance? Here we go.
1. Focus More on Your Weak Subjects

You may be saying, "Well, isn't that obvious". But, only a handful of us takes this into consideration and the rest of us spend time practising what we are already good at instead of working on the subjects which we pronounce dull. It takes one a lot of efforts to do something which doesn't interest him/her, and thus, we end up slipping into our comfort zone again forgetting that at the end it can have a devastating effect on our results.

2. Make Proper Notes

You may be doing well in your classes, grasping all those new topics very well but, you need to make sure that you have the perfect study material for polishing those topics again during your examinations. So, take out those fancy pens and notebooks and prepare proper study material, in case you are not planning to play with your grades.

3. Never Mug Up, Understand What's Happening in the Background

Most of us commit the mistake of mugging up the topics which we don't understand. You might pass the exams by doing so, but it'll have an impact if you choose that subject as a major for your higher studies. So, put in some extra efforts to understand what's happening under the hood?

4. Clear Your Doubts ASAP

A few days before examinations we realize that we are chained by a sack filled with doubts, which we planned to clear but never did out of procrastination or fear that our buddies might laugh at us for these silly doubts. And then it's too late. Make sure that you are never this person, so clear your doubts as soon as they pop up in your mind and don't ever worry about what your friends might think of you after you clarify your doubts with your teacher.
Remember this quote by Confucius, “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”
5. Don't Make Too Many Friends in Your Classroom

Always keep your circle small be it a classroom or any other place. Many of us make a lot of friends in our classroom and after some time we get distracted because of them. Instead of making friends, make allies with whom you can clear off your doubts and discuss the topics which you are weak at.

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6. Understand That You Don't Need to Top in Each Subject

Be it school or college, we always face some subjects which are not necessary in the first place but, we need to study them and sometimes they just suck. Often times there are subjects which don't matter in the long run, like if you want to pursue Computer Science Engineering then Social Science isn't going to help you in that field. So, if you don't do well in these you don't need to worry much, just make sure that you have a decent score in these at the end and don't trade these subjects with subjects which you find important for your career.

7. Teach Your Friends What You Studied

One of the best ways to revise a topic or to make sure that you are good at it is to teach it to your friends. This way, you'll have a better grasp on this topic for a long time and by clearing your friend's doubts, you'll gain a lot of confidence.

8. Solve the past Papers While Preparing for Examinations

Most of the examinations occur in the same pattern repeatedly and looking at the past year examination papers you'll find topics out of which questions are always asked. So, a few days before examinations start solving past papers to boost your confidence and to find the topics out of which questions are probable to come.
9. Manage Your Time Wisely

Time remains a constant in everyone's lives, be it a high scorer or another mediocre. The thin line which divides them is how well do they manage their time? Make a proper schedule which fits you best, and stick to it. Also, cut all of your distractions during your study time and try to focus on the task at hand.

10. Exercise

Whatever you are doing in your life, and however busy you are with your life, you always have time for exercise. It is necessary to keep the good blood circulation in your body, so cut out some time to exercise or play your favourite sport. Remember, a healthy brain requires a healthy body to live in.

These were some tips to help you study. In the end, take a breath, wait for a few moments and know that academics aren’t everything. You may be an average student or perhaps a topper, but marks do not determine your worth. You do.

- Sachin Kumar 

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